Create a game only on your smartphone! No need for difficult knowledge and skills!

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Easily create mobile games from your smartphone!

Do you think mobile game production is difficult? You do not need any knowledge, technology or equipment, and you can easily create mobile games from your smartphone!

Game production that does not require knowledge or technology

No programming knowledge or skills required! You can easily set various information such as Character information, Gacha, Composition settings, and Dungeon configuration from the browser. Of course, you can freely set from smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, and create smartphone apps.

Build and distribute apps that do not use dedicated software

You can build and download apps on the cloud without using specialized software. Browser games can be released immediately, so it is possible to proceed with game production while sharing the created game on SNS and receiving comments.

Supports 14 languages!

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic. Automatic translation is possible without special operation from your main language to all other languages!

The official app is finally released!

You can create a game, test play, build, and publish it to the web with just a smartphone. You can easily create a game while moving or when time is available.

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Features of mUniSm

Supports various game types

You can select one of many game types, such as visual novels, as well as RPG games to start game production. Because the game production type is modularized, any Unity developer can develop and distribute it.

Support various platform

mUniSm uses Unity 's multi-platform engine, it supports many platforms such as PCs and web browsers as well as Android and iOS. You can create and download apps that work on each platform on the cloud.

Supports various functions

Gacha, compositing, and visual novel features, it supports functions for holding time-limited events and regular events. It also supports billing and advertising features. You can also add more functionality to your game by introducing plug-ins.