Make a mobile game with mUniSm

You can freely create mobile games using mUniSm Game Creation.
You can now play and distribute games instantly with an easy installation that just downloads and imports to Unity.
If you have Unity's production skills, you can also customize the game yourself or build a new game system by mUniSm's powerful support function.

Introduction is free! Let's try mUniSm Game Creation now!

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Release Notes

mUniSm Game Creation features

Simple introduction

No difficult operation or knowledge required!

Simply install Unity and double click on downloaded mUniSm Game Creation to import.
Just create a API key that you can get with mUniSm Editor and create it The data of the game you want to apply is applied instantaneously.
After that, you can freely edit the game with mUniSm Editor and finish it into your own game I can!

Game production by mUniSm Editor

Game production with smartphone

It is possible to freely set game data using mUniSm Editor.
You can set a wide range of data necessary for the game from character name, image, parameter, placement of enemy characters and construction of dungeon, setting of gacha and item, event, description of dialogue and description of story.
Since it can be accessed not only from personal computers but also from smartphones and tablets, Ideas can be written down anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Unity editor support

Further evolution with Unity

Powerful components such as Dataflow, Skin, Tasks strongly support your game creation.

With the Unity editor, it becomes possible to handle reading, displaying and saving of data, and it is possible to automatically perform user registration, application state saving, etc.
By supporting Firebase plug-in, external database support and mobile Push Notification support.

It also strongly supports scripting implementation by using Tasks.
In particular it will be possible to implement asynchronous processing such as Asset and data loading and Tween with only a few lines.

It is possible to receive various support depending on your skill and level you want to realize.

Introduction of mUniSm Game Creation

1. Unity download and installation

1-1. Unity download

Go to the Unity download page from the link below and download the latest version of Unity.
Download of Unity Personal (Free).

Download Unity

There are usage conditions. Learn more

1-2. Unity installation

Click on the downloaded Unity installer to start the installation.

You can select components during installation. If you have a platform you want to support, install the corresponding components accordingly.

2. Download / Import mUniSm Game Creation

2-1. Download mUniSm Game Creation

Start downloading mUniSm Game Creation from download button.

2-2. mUniSm Game Creation Import

Double-click the downloaded file.

Unity starts up and the Unity project list screen is displayed.

If you have not created a project yet, "No Local Project" will be displayed.
On this screen, click "New project" and create a Unity project.

Set the name of the project and the destination folder.

When you are done, press the "Create project" button to start the project creation.

When the creation of the project is completed and the screen of the Unity editor is displayed, a confirmation screen for importing to the project appears.

Click "Import" button as it is.

mUniSm Game Creation will be imported and the mUniSm manager will be displayed.

3. Getting API key

3-1. Registering to mUniSm

Click the edit button in the upper right corner of the mUniSm manager.
Or click "Get API Key" button.

The login screen for mUniSm Editor will be displayed.

If you do not have a member account of mUniSm, click the "Register new" button at the bottom.

Register with SNS account or enter necessary information such as e-mail address and register as a member.
After registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the completed email address
Please check your e-mail address.

Member registration will be completed when confirmation is completed.

3-2. Game project creation

Open mUniSm Editor.

A list of projects is displayed, but we have not created any project yet
Press the "+" button to create a new project.

Follow the instructions to fill out the project information.

The project has been created.

Let's click through and look inside.

The project edit screen is displayed. Since there is an API key here, please click and copy it.

3-3. Entering and activating API key

Open Unity. Paste the previously copied mUniSm API Key to the corresponding part of the mUniSm manager.

Click "Activate" button to automatically activate and initialize.

Activation is complete. Let's try the test play by clicking "▶" button of Unity editor.

The game screen was displayed.

Installation is complete.

After introduction of mUniSm Game Creation

Game production by mUniSm Editor

By editing the project of mUniSm Editor, enrich the data in the game To go. First, upload the image to "Character image" or "Cover image" of "Asset data", and use that image data to create "Character" and "Scenario" of "Data Set". When you create "Book", "Music", "Gacha" etc. based on the data of "Scenario", these items will be displayed in the choices in the game.

Building on Unity

By building with Unity, you can create application files for the corresponding platform.

You can launch the build settings from File -> Build Settings in the Unity editor.
For the setting of the build see the Unity manual Please give me.