mUniSm Game Creation

04.09.2020 0.9.5 Released

  • [Improve] [mUniSm] Support for the time being with Unity 2018.4 LTS
  • [Improve] [mUniSm] Exposing DLLs other than the core part
  • [Change] [mUniSm] Fix various bugs by adding various other functions

07.03.2019 0.9.2β Released

  • [Improve] [mUniSm] Support for.Net 4.x.
  • [Improve] [mUniSm] mTask class can be used in async / await method. You can wait for asynchronous processing of the mTask class with await.
  • [Change] [mUniSm] Change a coroutine using IEnumerator to run with RunTask().
  • [inprove] [mUniSm] By executing asynchronous processing using Task with RunTask(), you can wait for yield return.
  • [Change] [mUniSm] You can now nest coroutines infinitely.
  • [Change] [Editor] Changed the default build settings for standalone.

05.27.2019 0.9.1β Released

  • [Improve] [Server] Supports remote play on Linux.
  • [Fix] [Game] Fixed freeze on RPG bonus screen.

04.25.2019 0.9.0β Released

  • [Improve] [Game] Supports creation of RPG modules. Add battle components and support scripts to match it.
  • [Improve] [Game] Supports effect data. Unity output of effect package from Unity side.
  • [Improve] [Editor] It is possible to incorporate action definitions into modules. Unity can create processing on the Unity side and define parameters on the mUniSm editor.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Supports cloud build.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Supports automatic creation of game modules. In addition, setting items and initial settings can be added from within the module.
  • [Improve] [Editor] It is possible to set an image for addition.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Supports Capabilities. You can define functions in module settings and developer settings, and you can enter only the necessary data in the editor.
  • [Improve] [Editor] The process of initializing and updating filters and components for Dataflow has been performed automatically.
  • [Improve] [Game] You can now view the prologue of the game. (Use scenario data)
  • [Improve] [Game] Each game check the version of each asset material and download only the new version.
  • [Improve] [Game] Each game UI screen has been changed.
  • [Improve] [Game] It corresponds to the notch screen such as iPhone X.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Each game checked what has been downloaded and enabled to output a dialog. Also, at the same time, the download of assets is executed and cached at the first start.
  • [Change] [Editor] Changed encryption method. (It is necessary to reacquire the API key)
  • [Improve] [Editor] Add Network.dll, Location.dll, etc to basic functions.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Some Updaters can now append data on success and failure.
  • [Change] [Editor] Revised the mNetwork class in line with the addition of components for battle.
  • [Change] [Editor] Change UIDataList and UIDataItem to a class that inherits from mTask class.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Added DataTags class. All keys defined on the mUniSm side are described here.
  • [Fix] [Editor] Fixed various bugs.

09.21.2018 0.7.2β Released

  • [Improve] [Editor] Changed the specifications around Prizm and other in-app currencies.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Add payment method and transfer function between users to mPurchaseCore.
  • [Fix] [Editor] Fixed various bugs.

08.23.2018 0.7.1β Released

  • [Improve] [Game] Added support function for synthesis function and gacha function. If you want to use the composition function, use the scene of Mixture, and when using the gacha function, please start Gacha scene.
  • [Inprove] [Editor] Added ConvertSpecialValue to transfer special values ​​to Appender and RemoveFromInternal to delete values.
  • [Inprove] [Editor] PreAppender which can process before Modifier is added to each Source.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Added deletion function to FilterUpdater (added the function to delete only when the count key is specified and the count key reaches 0)
  • [Improve] [Editor] Added the ability to edit values ​​in FilterUpdater in advance.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Added GameActionInfo function. When creating a module, you can specify the effect of an item in advance and specify the parameter with mUniSmEditor.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Significantly changed the structure of various modules. It became easy to correspond to plug-in.
  • [Improve] [Editor] We revised the operation of the charge function and the advertisement function according to the above.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Organized prefab designation function for Distributor and various SourceItem / List. The Animation function in the Distributor is hooked directly to the SceneController without going through the component.
  • [Improve] [Editor] Added mUISelectedItem and mUISplitterList that allow you to implement List → Item, Item → List on components without going through filters.
  • [Improve] [Editor] We organized character parameters and attributes around RPG for easier handling on UnityEditor.
  • [Improve] [mUniSm] Added restriction function by plan.
  • [Fix] [Editor] Fixed various bugs.

06.05.2018 0.6.0β Released

  • [Improve][Editor] Menu class that extended items is created. Name and text, icon, next scene name can be defined without specifying key
  • [Improve][Editor] Special Value is created in Appender. Frequently used values such as names and scene names can now be defined without key specification
  • [Improve][Editor] Actions can now be set directly on each source filter. Filter actions are executed only on scriptable objects
  • [Improve][Editor] You can now specify list prefabs to be used in ScrollRect for list-style source filters and source components. You can use Prefab defined in source filter without specifying Prefab in Distributor
  • [Improve][Editor] We have revised the project view's new creation menu, the new hierarchy view creation menu, and the mUniSm menu configuration of the editor. It makes it a menu structure that is easier to access and easy to access.
  • [Improve][Editor] In the inspector, search buttons were set for items specifying Prefab and items specifying Action. By pushing this button you can easily search and set related assets
  • [Improve][Editor] We have provided a button to search skinpaths related to items to set skin pass. You can search skinpath defined by pressing this button
  • [Improve][Editor] Various new filters were created, so we are reviewing existing filters
  • [Improve][Editor] We made it to describe the new creation path for explaining the filter function and setting it in the filter

05.16.2018 0.5.7β Released

  • [Improve][Editor] Fixed misspelling of some variable names
  • [Improve][Editor] Detected version upgrade of the package and changed so as to issue a dialog asking whether to update the module when new version upgrade is imported
  • [Improve][Apps] Fix some memory leaks
  • [BugFix][Apps] Fixed a problem that callback is not executed when mTask in mTaskList ends with an error
  • [BugFix][Apps] mSceneActionChangeState is not executed when mSceneActionPageAnimation does not exist Fix

05.09.2018 0.5.6β Released

  • [Improve][Editor] Fixed misspelling of some variable names
  • [Improve][Editor] Establish accordion tab in inspector for performance improvement
  • [Improve][Editor] Change to activate the second and subsequent "Activation" as "Update"

05.03.2018 0.5.5β Released

  • [Improve][Editor] Fixed misspelling of some variable names

05.01.2018 0.5.4β Released

  • [Improve][Editor] Change some variable names
  • [BugFix][Editor] Fixed a bug where the inspector's display is broken
  • [BugFix][Apps] Fixed incorrect terms that were incorrect
  • [BugFix][Apps] Fixed bug that error dialog is not displayed when page error
  • [BugFix][Apps] Fixed bug that tags of Terms of Service remain displayed

04.27.2018 0.5.0β Released

  • Beta version is released