Try game development with mUniSm & Unity

You can create mobile games freely using mUniSm Game Creation .
It's easy to download and import into Unity and you'll be able to play and distribute the game right away.
If you have Unity production skills, mUniSm's powerful support features mUniSm you to customize the game yourself or build a new gaming system.
All data created with mUniSm Game Cloud can also be taken over.

Introduction is free ! Try mUniSm Game Creation right now!

Release notes

mUniSm Game Creation

Simple introduction

No need for difficult operations or knowledge!

Install Unity and import it by double clicking the downloaded mUniSm Game Creation.
mUniSm game data you want to create is applied instantly just by entering the API key that can be obtained with the mUniSm editor.
After that, you can develop with Unity or edit the game freely with the mUniSm editor to make it your own game!

Game production by mUniSm editor

Game production that can be done with a smartphone

You can use the mUniSm editor to freely set game data like mUniSm Game Cloud.
You can set a wide range of data required for the game, including character names and images, parameters, enemy character placement and dungeon construction, Gacha and items, event settings, dialogue settings and story descriptions.
You can write down your ideas anytime and anywhere as you can access them from your smartphone or tablet as well as your computer.

Powerful Unity editor support

Further development with Unity

Powerful components such as Dataflow , Skin, and Tasks provide powerful support for your game production.

It becomes possible to handle reading, displaying and saving of data only with Unity Editor, and it is possible to automatically perform user registration and application state saving.

Also, powerful support for scripting implementation by using Tasks.
In particular, asynchronous processing such as asset and data loading and tweening can be implemented with just a few lines.

Depending on your skills and the level you want to achieve, you can receive various support.

Introduction of mUniSm Game Creation

1. Download and installation of Unity

1-1. Download Unity

Go to the Unity download page from the link below and download the latest version of Unity.
Downloading Unity Personal is free.(*)

Unity Download

* There are conditions for use. Details are here

1-2. Install Unity

Click the downloaded Unity installer to start the installation.

You can select components during installation. If there is a platform that you want to support, install the components according to it.

2. mUniSm Game Creation download & import

2-1. Download mUniSm Game Creation

Start downloading mUniSm Game Creation from the download button .

2-2. mUniSm Game Creation import

Double-click the downloaded file.

Unity starts up and the Unity project list screen is displayed.

If you have not created a project yet, "No Local Project" will be displayed.
Click "New project" on this screen to create a Unity project.

Set the project name and save destination folder.

Once setup is complete, project creation starts by pressing the "Create project" button.

When the project has been created and the Unity Editor screen is displayed, a confirmation screen for importing into the project is displayed.

Click "Import" button as it is.

mUniSm Game Creation is imported and mUniSm manager is displayed.

3. Get API key

3-1. Member registration to mUniSm

Click the Edit button at the top right of the mUniSm manager.
Or click the "Get API Key" button.

The login screen to the mUniSm editor is displayed.

If you do not have an mUniSm member account, click the "New Registration" button below.

Register with a SNS account or enter necessary information such as email address to register as a member.
After registration, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered.
Please check your email address.

Once confirmation is complete, member registration is complete.

3-2. Create game project

Although a list of projects is displayed on mUniSm editor, no projects have been created yet
Press the "+" button to create a new project.

Follow the instructions and complete the project information.

The project has been created.

Click to see the contents.

The project edit screen is displayed. First select "Developer mode" in "Select mode" at the bottom right of the project editing screen. Then "API key" will be displayed under it, so make a copy of it.

3-3. API key entry and activation

Unity mUniSm API Key copied mUniSm API Key on the corresponding part of the mUniSm manager.

When you click the "Activate" button, activation and initial setting will start automatically.

Activation is complete. Let's do a test play by clicking the "▶" button of the Unity Editor.

The game screen was displayed.

The installation is complete.

Game creation after introducing mUniSm Game Creation

Game production by mUniSm editor

You can edit the project on mUniSm editor in the same way as mUniSm Game Cloud, the data in the game will be enriched.

First, upload images to "character image" and "cover image" of "asset data", etc., and create "character" and "scenario" of "data set" using the image data. If you create a "book" or " Gacha " based on the "scenario" data, these items will be displayed in the in-game choices.

Build in Unity

By building with Unity , you can create application files for the corresponding platform.

Unity Editor File->You can launch build settings from Build Settings.
Please refer to Unity manual for setting of build.