Let's make a mobile game with mUniSm

You can create mobile games freely on the cloud using mUniSm Game Cloud.
mUniSm set the game in the mUniSm editor and you can play the game immediately.
You can create apps for the iPhone, iPad (*1), Android, Windows, Mac, and browser on the cloud, so you can create app games for smartphones and PCs with one smartphone.

Furthermore, AI supports some settings (*2). You can create only what you want to stick with.

Let's start with free! Try mUniSm Game Cloud now!

*1 As of April 2019, iOS is not supported.
*2 We have introduced a simple AI. Full-scale AI will be introduced from 2019 onwards.

mUniSm Game Cloud Features

Simple introduction

No need for difficult operations or knowledge!

You can start making a game just by registering for mUniSm! (free)
You can create a game of that type by specifying the type of game you want to create in the "Games you want to make" field at registration.

Since some settings have been made from the beginning, it is possible to play the game immediately after completing registration.
From there you can create your own game by adding and deleting data as you like.

Create an application by cloud build

No need for a computer or software!

By using the cloud build function , you can create game applications without the need for special software or a personal computer. You can create application data for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, browser, apply to the store as it is, share to SNS, etc. If you share the game for the browser, it is possible to have the follower who has shared play the game as it is. The build method is also a simple operation by clicking the button (* 1).

Game production by mUniSm editor

Game production that can be done with a smartphone

You can set the game data freely using the mUniSm editor.
You can set a wide range of data required for the game, including character names and images, parameters, enemy character placement and dungeon construction, Gacha and items, event settings, dialogue settings and story descriptions.
You can write down your ideas anytime and anywhere as you can access them from your smartphone or tablet as well as your computer.

Introduction of mUniSm Game Cloud

1. Membership registration to mUniSm and project creation

1-1. Membership registration to mUniSm (free)

Register as a member of mUniSm from the link below. Select the type of game you want to create, and enter your username, email address and password.
Registration using SNS account is also possible.

mUniSm registration

1-2. Project automatic creation

The project is automatically created according to the selected "game to make".

Click on the created project to display the setting screen.

This will make it possible to create a game immediately.

Game production with mUniSm Game Cloud

1. Create asset

1-1. Create data set

A data set is an item for setting information necessary for the game, such as a character or item in RPG, a dungeon, or a scenario in Novel.
You can enhance the game by increasing the data in the data set.

Let's create a data set as instructed!

1-2. Create asset

Asset data allows you to upload and manage the materials (images, video, audio) needed when creating a data set.

You can set new asset data yourself, but you can also buy in the mUniSm store or use the official asset as it is.
Usually, it can be set at the time of creating a data set, so it is used to manage uploaded material and manage purchased material.

1-3. Creation of each data

Each data can be created simply by entering the required items in the input form.

As the instruction is displayed first, input the corresponding data and press the "OK" button to complete the data entry.

2. Test play

2-1. Test play

A button for test play is displayed in the upper right of the project screen.

You can play the currently set game project by clicking on it.

Application build and publishing settings

1-1. Build of the app

A button for build and download is displayed next to the test play button on the upper right of the project screen.

Move to the build screen by clicking on it.

A button for build and download is displayed next to the test play button on the upper right of the project screen.

Move to the build screen by clicking the button.
When building is in progress, its progress is displayed, and when it has not been built, a build start button is displayed together with the build point (*3).
Click the Build Start button to start building for all supported platforms.

*3 A point that represents the remaining number of builds. It is consumed when the build is complete. The maximum number of remaining build points will increase or decrease depending on the plan. The plan may also reset build points at the beginning of the month.

1-2. Publishing of app and sharing to SNS

The app is published by turning on the publishing switch on the upper right of the project screen.
The official page of the app is published outside, and you can download the app, comment, test play, and more.

At the same time, the share menu to SNS will be displayed.
By sharing the published application official page, you will be able to have your friends etc. play the game.

Application official site

After publishing the app, a link to the app's official site is displayed.
The application official site is displayed when you click there.

Here you can download the app, comment on the app and "like" it,
You can also do a test play of the app.
You can also check the number of times the app has been played, the number of comments, and the number of likes.
Also, if an event is set, the details of the event will be displayed here.

If you want to publish the app, let's share to SNS etc. using this site!

Further development using mUniSm Game Creation

In mUniSm Game Cloud, it is basic to produce a game according to a predetermined template.
You may want to get out of this template and add your own systems and features.

At that time, try mUniSm Game Creation.
you can use Unity to do further development with mUniSm Game Creation.
Although you need programming knowledge and Unity development skills, you can develop all the games that can be realized with Unity with mUniSm Game Creation.

Of course, game data created with mUniSm Game Cloud can be taken over as it is.