Distributor namemUniSm Co.,Ltd.
RepresentativeMasaru Hirose
Phone number/E-mail address050-5539-3674 (Reception time: 10:00~18:00) / support@munism.net
Selling priceDescribed by each product / plan
Expenses necessary other than the selling priceTax / Commission paid
Payment method and timing of payment In this service, payment will be made after paying cash to Wallet once in service. Charging is possible by paying by the following method.

Charge with Paypal
You can use it only with your own Paypal account. The payment time is immediate (at the time of using the credit card, each card company's debit date)
Credit card charge
Cards you can use are issued domestically and VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners in the name of yourself. The payment time is the debit date of each card company.
Application of goods delivery / plan This service provides subscription (monthly payment), electronic product purchase type, service charge collection type service. The timing of applying each service and the timing of offering products are as follows.

Subscription by plan application
It will be applied immediately upon initial payment. Plan will be effective for 1 month thereafter. After the expiration date, the rental fee for the next month will be automatically withdrawn from Wallet and the plan will be valid for the next month. *If there is no necessary amount for Wallet, it will switch automatically to free plan.

When changing to a higher plan during plan application, pay the amount of the difference of the superior plan from Wallet. Plan will be effective for 1 month thereafter.
If you change to a lower level plan while applying the plan, the plan will continue until the expiration date of the current plan, then it will automatically switch to the changed plan.
Electronic item purchase
It is possible to pay the amount stated in the item from Wallet. Immediately after purchase, it is available for all projects that you control.
Collection of service fee in advertisement service
It is effective when setting advertisement service. Pay out the amount you set as an advertisement fee from Wallet every time the advertisement being posted is clicked. *If there is no amount required for Wallet, the ad will not be displayed.
About returned goods / refundIn this service we will not refund or refund anything other than repayment due to overpaid due to system malfunction.We will not refund even if purchased items are deleted due to copyright violation etc. of electronic merchandise. Please note.