mUniSm utility class. UI utility.


BGMList BGM type
SoundEffectList Sound effect type
StateBackgroundPath SKin path for background of state
StateTextPath SKin path for text of state
StateButtonPath SKin path for button of state
SupportedTagRegexPattern uGUI support tag pettern
SelectableTypeList Selectable type list
MaximumRect MaximumRect
FontScaleAdjust Correction value for font width
DefaultFontName Default font name
ShaderKeywordUseMask Use Mask ID
ShaderKeywordSoftClip Use SoftClip ID
ShaderKeywordBlink Use Blink ID
ShaderKeywordWhite Use White ID
ShaderKeywordUnfocus Use UnFocus ID
ShaderKeywordTransition Use Transition ID
ShaderKeywordOutline Use Outline ID
ShaderKeywordUVAnimation Use UvAnimation ID
ShaderKeywordFlipX Use FlipX ID
ShaderKeywordFlipY Use FlipY ID
ShaderNameIDMaskTex Mask Tex
ShaderNameIDAlpha Depth alpha
ShaderNameIDClipRect Clip rects
ShaderNameIDSoftCount Soft clips count
ShaderNameIDSoftClipInner Soft clips
ShaderNameIDSoftClipOuter Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDTransitionTexture Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDTransitionAmount Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDOutlineSpread Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDOutlineColor Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDOutlineSmooth Soft clips range
ShaderNameIDSpeedProperty Soft clips range
ShaderNameDefault Shader's name
ShaderDefault Shader
ShaderNameText Shader's name
ShaderText Shader
ShaderNameSprite Shader's name
ShaderSprite Shader
ShaderNameUnlit Shader's name
ShaderUnlit Shader


BlackTexture Gets the black texture.
WhiteTexture Gets the white texture.


Color(System.Int32,System.Int32,System.Int32,System.Int32) Color with int
IsReversedYAxis( ) True if Y axis is opposite
GetViewPortRect(System.Single,System.Single) Gets the view port rect for Camera.
GetSelectableType(System.Object) Get selectableType from object Discriminate from numbers or text
GetAtlasUVAdjust(UnityEngine.UI.MaskableGraphic) Acquire value for UV size adjustment from atlas size
GetEase(mUITweenEaseType) Get Ease type
GetEaseInverse(mUITweenEaseType) Get Ease type inversely