Component for displaying text




VertexCount Vertex count
caseConveresion The case converesion
CaseConversionType.None The none
CaseConversionType.UpperCase The upper case
CaseConversionType.LoserCase The loser case
IsLocalized Use localization
useUserMaterial Using user's material
sizeFitter Content size fitter


cachedGameObject Reference cache of GameObject
cachedTransform Reference cache of Transform
cachedRectTransform Reference cache of RectTransform
active True if the game object is active It is possible to change the state of the game object by setting bool
alpha Gets or sets the alpha.
isDestroyed Gets a value indicating whether this instance is destroyed.
fitWidthScale Decrease only the horizontal width according to the width of the character. Used when necessary in layout.
flipType Gets or sets the type of the flip.
localizationKey Localized key
skinSource Gets or sets the skin source.
skins Skin data when skin source is Component
skinPaths Skin path
automaticAttachLocalizedFont Attach a font suitable for language setting automatically when this is true
text The string value this Text displays.
cachedUIGroup Gets the cached UI group.


SetAdditionalSkins(mUniSm.Skin.SkinInfo,System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.Collections.Generic.List{mUniSm.Skin.Internal.SkinGroup},System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
GetActiveSkinList( ) Get a list of valid skins
Focus( ) Focuses this instance.
Unfocus( ) Unfocuses this instance.
ShowInWhite( ) Shows the graphic in white.
ShowInUnwhite( ) Shows the normal graphic.
CrossFadeColor(UnityEngine.Color,System.Single,System.Boolean,System.Boolean) Tweens the CanvasRenderer color associated with this Graphic.
CrossFadeColor(UnityEngine.Color,System.Single,System.Boolean,System.Boolean,System.Boolean) Crosses the color of the fade.
CrossFadeAlpha(System.Single,System.Single,System.Boolean) Tweens the alpha of the CanvasRenderer color associated with this Graphic.
AddMaterial(UnityEngine.Material) Adds the material.
ModifyMesh(UnityEngine.Mesh) Call used to modify mesh.
ModifyMesh(UnityEngine.UI.VertexHelper) Modifies the mesh.
Start( ) Process on Start
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
OnTransformParentChanged( ) Process on TransformParentChanged
OnCanvasHierarchyChanged( ) Process on CanvasHierarchyChanged
RecalculateClipping( ) Recalculate Clipping
OnRectTransformDimensionsChange( ) Process on RectTransform changed
OnDestroy( ) Process on Destroy