Component for input field form.




focusOnClickMenuButton Focus on menu button clicking
setValueOnChange When set to True Set the value at change
changeSavedDataOnStart When saved change data matches Change on at start
tweenPositionOnClick Tween the scale when clicked
tweenAmount Scale when tween


cachedGameObject Reference cache of GameObject
cachedTransform Reference cache of Transform
cachedRectTransform Reference cache of RectTransform
active True if the game object is active It is possible to change the state of the game object by setting bool
soundOnClick Gets or sets the sound on click.
subTransition Gets or sets the sub transition type.
subTargetGraphics Gets the sub target graphics.
subSpriteState Gets or sets the state of the sub sprite.
subColors Gets or sets the sub colors.
subAnimationTriggers Gets or sets the sub animation triggers.
selectableType Gets the type of the selectable.
disable Gets a value indicating whether this is disable.
data Send Value
handleImage Gets or sets the handle image.
NotRegisterAutomaticallySelect Gets a value indicating whether this instance do not register automatically select.
tweenTimeOnKey Gets or sets the tween time on key.
skinSource Gets or sets the skin source.
skins Skin data when skin source is Component
skinPaths Skin path


SetAdditionalSkins(mUniSm.Skin.SkinInfo,System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.Collections.Generic.List{mUniSm.Skin.Internal.SkinGroup},System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
GetActiveSkinList( ) Get a list of valid skins
Init( ) Initializes this instance.
SetDisable(System.Object) Sets the disable focibly.
SetEnable(System.Object) Sets the enable focibly.
OnSelect(UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData) Process on Select.
OnMove(UnityEngine.EventSystems.AxisEventData) Determine in which of the 4 move directions the next selectable object should be found.
Awake( ) Process on Awake
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable
Start( ) Process on Start
UpdateListener(System.Boolean) Updates the listener.
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
OnPointerDown(UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData) What to do when the event system sends a pointer down Event.
OnPointerUp(UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData) Evaluate eventData and transition to appropriate state.
OnSubmit(UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData) What to do when the event system sends a submit Event.
DoStateTransition(UnityEngine.UI.Selectable.SelectionState,System.Boolean) Does the state transition.