Class defining menu for editor.


BaseSelect(System.String) Bases the selectable object.
Base(UnityEngine.Transform,System.String) Bases the object.
BaseUI(UnityEngine.Transform,System.String) Bases the UI.
Outline(UnityEngine.UI.Graphic) Outlines the specified object.
SpriteOutline(UnityEngine.UI.Graphic) Sprites outline the specified object.
Shadow(UnityEngine.UI.Graphic) Shadows the specified object.
Core( ) Create the core.
Image( ) Create the image.
ImageOutline( ) Create the outlined image.
RawImage( ) Create the raw image.
Text( ) Create the text.
TextOutline( ) Create the outliend text.
Icon( ) Create the icon.
IconOutline( ) Create the outliend icon.
Group( ) Create the group.
Panel( ) Create the panel.
Button( ) Create the button.
ButtonOutline( ) Create the outlined button.
VerticalScrollRect( ) Create the vertical scrollrect.
HorizontalScrollRect( ) Create the horizontal scrollrect.
VerticalScrollBar( ) Create the vertical scrollbar.
HorizontalScrollBar( ) Create the horizontal scrollbar.
Switcher(UnityEngine.Transform) Create the orientation switcher.
VideoPlayer( ) Create the video player.