Class list

mUIControl Components for managing object control.
mUIControl.Status Control status
mUIDistanceBase Component for targeting with DistanceSwitcher. Only one can be installed in all scenes.
mUIDropdown Component for dropdown form.
mUIParticleSystem Component to operate particle system.
mUIInputField Component for input field form.
mUIDistanceSwitcher Component for switching the active according to the distance to a specific object.
mUIDistanceSwitcher.TargetType Enum TargetType
mUISafeArea Component for determining safe area of mUniSm page
mUniSm.UI.IUIOrientationSwitcher Interface for orientation switcher.
mUniSm.UI.IUIShaderEffectHandler Interface to apply shader effects
mUniSm.UI.ScrollSnapEndEvent Events when the scroll snap is finished.
mUniSm.UI.ScrollRestrictedEvent Events when the scroll limit is exceeded.
mUniSm.UI.UIModuleInfo Module information class dedicated to UI
mUniSm.UI.IUIForm Interface for Form
mUniSm.UI.IUISelectable Interface for selectable.
mUniSm.UI.mStructureRectTransform The class for combination of mUiGroup and RawImage
mUniSm.UI.UITextEffectBehaviour Abstract Class for Text Effect.
mUniSm.UI.mStructureRawImage The class for combination of mUiGroup and RawImage
mUniSm.UI.IUIDistributor Interface for distributor related components.
mUniSm.UI.IUIScrollItem Interface for handling as a scroll item.
mUniSm.UI.MaterialPool Object pool for Material. This class cannot be inherited.
mUniSm.Tween.TweenMeshEffectSet Setting required for mesh drawing for tween.
mUniSm.Tween.UI.UITweenEffectBehaviour Abstract class for Tween Effect Behaviour.
mUIViewport Component for matching camera Viewport to canvas size. This class cannot be inherited.
mUISliderValue Component for displaying values changed by the slider
mUISlider Component for displaying slider form
mUIToggleGroup Components for grouping toggle to make it selective
mUIToggle Component for displaying toggle form.
mUIMultiMeshEffect Component for applying multiple mesh effects.
mUIAudioManager Component for management audio playback
mUIShaderUVAnimation Component for performing shader UV animation
mUIShaderBlink Component for blinking sprites via shader
mUITextGradient Component that gives gradient to text
mUILetterSpacing Component for adjustment the space between letters.
mUIShaderOutline Component for adding an outline to the sprite via shader
mUIShadow Components for applying shadow effects
mUIOutline Components for adding outlines
mUIModel Component for manipulating 3D models.
mUIGradient Component for gradation effect.
mUIContentSizeFitter Component for fitting content size
mUIRandomRotation Randomly change the angle of its component. The angle is changed when the game object is active or the component becomes Enable. You can also change the angle by executing the Refresh method.
mUITweenScale Component that handles mTweenScale in Editor.
mUITweenPermanentRotation Component for creating animation that rotate forever.
mUITweenPermanentMove Component for creating animation that changes text alpha one character at a time.
mUITextAlpha Component for creating animation that changes text alpha one character at a time
mUITextScale Component for creating animation that changes text scale one character at a time
mUIBackground Component for management background.
mUIContainer Component for conteiner of UI.
mUIPageTitle Components for display page title
mUIIcon Component for display the icon.
mUIPanelMain Panel component for use in Raycast and fade out. Component to use one for all scenes.
mUIView Component for determining viewport of mUniSm page
mUIIndexMenu Component for managing the layout of the index menu
mUIInputCore Component for management mUniSm Input System.
mUIButton Component for management button.
mUIScrollbar Components for displaying scroll bars.
mUIOrientationSwitcher Component for changing display depending on terminal orientation
mUIIndicator Component for managing and display of indicator.
mUIIndicator.ShowingType Display Type
mUIPanel Panel component for use in Raycast and fade out.
mUIPanel.ShowingType Showing Type
_UIExtensions Classes for C # extended methods In fact there is no method to specify and execute this class
mUIDirectionType Control direction type
mUIFlipType Flip type
mUISoundEffect Sound effect type
mUIAudioSourceType AudioSource type
mUIActionOnDisable Showing type on disable
mUIActionOnFinish Action type on finish
mUITweenEaseType Ease type of Tween
mUIBGMOnStart BGM state on start
mUIBGMOnFinish BGM state on finish
mUISoundEffectOnStart Sound Effect action on start
mUISoundEffectOnFinish Sound Effect action on finish
mUIEffectOnStart Action on start
mUIEffectOnFinish Action on finish
mUIModalEffectOnStart Modal start animation
mUIModalEffectOnFinish Modal finish animation
mUIEventType Event type
mUIScrollEffectOnStart Scroll view start animation
mUIScrollEffectOnFinish Scroll view finish animation
mUIPrefabEffectOnStart Prefab start animation
mUIPrefabEffectOnFinish Prefab finish animation
mUIAssetGroupReferenceMode Group number reference target
mUIAssetType Types of assets handled in the app ( for UI )
mUIImageFitMode Image fitting mode
mUIScrollStyle Scroll style
mUISelectableType Selectable Type for EventSystem navigation
mUIActionOnRestricted Data handling type
mUIDataType Data type
mUIShaderType Special Shader Type
mUIState Skin state
mUtil.UI mUniSm utility class. UI utility.
mUIGroup Component for group to clip or transpaent.
mUIImage Component for display the image.
mUIRawImage Component for display texture image.
mUIScrollRect Component for displaying and managing scroll view.
mUIText Component for displaying text
mUIText.CaseConversionType Case conversion type
mUICore Component for mUniSm.UI core system.
mUITweenAlpha Component that handles mTweenAlpha in Editor.
mUITweenLetterSpacing Component that handles mTweenLetterSpacing in Editor
mUITweenMoveAnchoredPosition Component that handles mTweenMoveAnchoredPosition in Editor
mUITweenTextScale Component for changing the specified scale of text.
mUITweenTextAlpha Component for changing the specified alpha value of text.