Scenario controller for scenario.




durationSource Effect duration source
prefixCharacter Character prefix
prefixBackground Background prefix
prefixLongSound LongSound prefix
prefixShortSound ShortSound prefix
prefixTextSound ShortSound prefix


Instance Scenario controller for scenario.
scenario Gets or sets the scenario.
userPrivateData Gets the user private data.
userScenarioData Gets the user scenario data.
conditionFilter Gets the condition filter.
onDeleted Gets or sets the scenario is deleted.
effectDuration Gets or sets the duration of the effect.
skipButton Gets or sets the skip button.
pointer Gets or sets the pointer.
onSetDataCallback Callback on SetData.
onStartCallback Callback on Start
onLoadCallback Callback on Load
onPostloadCallback Callback on Postload
onUnloadCallback Callback on Unload


IsSet( ) Confirm whether data is set
IsError(UIDataItem,System.String) Check if there is an error
Error(mUniSm.Page.Dataflow.mStructureAction) Errors the specified on error.
Click( ) Click method for button
Abort( ) Abort method for button
Skip(System.Boolean) Skip method for button
Update( ) Process on Update
Awake( ) Process on Awake
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
Unload(System.Boolean) Unloads the specified is return.
Next(System.String) Nexts the specified scenario path.
Next(UIDataItem) Load next scenario
SetData(UIDataList,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Sets the data.