Class list

mUniSm.Purchasing.PurchasingModuleInfo Module information class dedicated to Purchasing
mUniSm.Purchasing.IPurchaseBehaviour Purchase behaviour interface.
mUniSm.Purchasing.PurchaseBehaviour Abstract class for Purchase behaviour (used for Unity IAP).
mUniSm.Purchasing.IPurchaseAdapter Interface for Purchase adapter (used for Unity IAP).
mPurchaseCore Systems supporting UnityPurchase. Initialization, item list display, purchase processing, restoration, subscription checking can be done. Processing on server side is necessary for purchase.
mPurchaseOptions Class for storing mPurchaseCore settings.
mPurchaseProductList The list of purchase product.
mPurchaseProductItem Item definition class for mPurchaseCore
mPurchaseProductType Product type for mPurchase product.
mPurchaseUpdateType Type of data update.
mUtil.Purchasing mUniSm utility class. Purchasing utility.
PurchaseLocalAdapter Class for Purchasing Local Adapter. This class cannot be inherited.