Abstract class for managing and control the whole scene.




contents The content component
view The view component


cachedGameObject Reference cache of GameObject
cachedTransform Reference cache of Transform
cachedRectTransform Reference cache of RectTransform
active True if the game object is active It is possible to change the state of the game object by setting bool
scene The scene task.
disableReturnAction Gets or sets a value indicating whether return action is disabled.
disableMenu Gets or sets a value indicating whether menu is disabled.
doRetryOnReturnAction Gets or sets a value indicating whether do retry on return action.
cachedCamera Gets the cached camera.
cachedCanvas Gets the cached canvas.
cachedUICore Gets the cached UI core.
_fromRetry Gets or sets a value indicating whether [from retry].
disabledCameraOnFloatingView Gets a value indicating whether controller is disabled camera on floating view.
IsFloatingView Gets a value indicating whether this controller is floating view.
status Gets or sets the status.
selectableType Selectable type
_time Gets or sets the time.
_timeOuted Gets or sets a value indicating whether [time outed].
timeOut Time out
onTimeout Time out Event
onError Error Event
_onErrorCache Gets or sets the on error cache.
updatedTime The updated time.
output The output data.
group Asset group Required when deleting all at once, such as page switching
assetGroupReferenceMode Group number reference target
onPostSetDataCallback Callback on PostSetData
onPreLoadCallback Callback on Preload
onLoadCallback Callback on Load
onPostLoadCallback Callback on Postload
onPreStartCallback Callback on PreStart
onStartCallback Callback on Start
onStartingCallback Callback on Starting
onPreActiveCallback Callback on PreActive
onActiveCallback Callback on Active
onPostActiveCallback Callback on PostActive
onEnabledCallback Callback on Enabled
onInactiveCallback Callback on Inactive
onPreLoadSceneCallback Callback on PreLoadScene
onCheckUnloadCallback Callback on checking Unload
onPreUnloadCallback Callback on Unload
onUnloadCallback Callback on Unload
onUnloadingCallback Callback on Unloading
onCheckOnExitCallback Callback on CheckOnExit


Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
IsReady( ) Determines whether this instance is ready.
EntryRetry(System.Action) Entries the retry.
CheckOnExit(System.String,System.Boolean) Checks the on exit.
SetData(mDatabaseItem) Sets the data.
SetDataAndSave(UIDataItem) Sets the data and save.
SetDataOnPreLoadScene(System.String,UIDataItem) Sets the data on pre load scene.
PostSetData(mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process after set data.
Error(mUniSm.Page.Dataflow.mStructureAction) Errors the specified on error.
Awake( ) Process on awake.
Update( ) Process on update.
Unload(System.Boolean) Unloads the specified is return.
Retry( ) Retry the scene.
Load(System.String) Load a new scene.
LoadOnFloatingView(System.String) Loads the floating view.
LoadOnFloatingView(UIDataItem) Loads the floating view.
Load(UIDataItem) Load a new scene.
Return( ) Return to previous scene.
Home( ) Return to home scene.
Enable( ) Enable user control.
PreSaveSceneData(System.String,UIDataItem,System.Boolean) Pres the save scene data.
IsHandlingModeData( ) Determines whether controller is handling mode data.
IsSetActiveScene( ) Determines whether controller set to active scene.
IsClearSceneHistory( ) Determines whether controller clear scene history.
IsHandlingUpdateTime( ) Determines whether [is handling update time].
IsPushSceneStack( ) Determines whether controller is pushed to scene stack.
IsApplyEffect( ) Determines whether [is apply effect].
Predicate(mScene) Predicates the specified scene.
OnLoad(mScene) Process on load.
OnStart(mScene,System.Boolean) Process on start.
OnUnload(mScene,System.Boolean) Process on unload.
OnActive(mScene) Process on active.
OnInactive(mScene) Process on inactive.
InvokeStartingCallback(mScene,System.Boolean) Invokes the starting callback.
InvokeUnloadingCallback(mScene,System.Boolean) Invokes the unloading callback.
SetPreUnload(UIDataItem) Sets the pre unload.
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable.
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable.
IsSet( ) Confirm whether data is set
SetTime(System.Int64) Set the time.
SetTime(UIDataItem) Set the time.
SetTime(UIDataList) Set the time.
IsError(UIDataItem,System.String) Check if there is an error
CheckErrorAndShowDialog( ) Determines whether this controller is error and show the specified show dialog.
SetState(mPageChangeStateType) Sets the page change state.
OnStarting(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on starting.
OnUnloading(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on unloading.