Abstract class for data source that can generate prefab




ContentScaleType.Inherit The inherit
ContentScaleType.Maximum The maximum
ContentScaleType.Manually The manually
manualScale The manual scale
effectOnStart Animation on Start
effectOnFinish Animation on Finish
durationSource Animation duration source
transitionPlayType Play timing of list transition
TransitionPlayType.OnPageTransition on page transition
TransitionPlayType.OnAwake on awake
TransitionPlayType.Manually The manually
valueTweenOnStart The value tween on start


cachedUIGroup Cached mUIGroup component.
cachedUICore Cached mUICore component.
IsCreateInstanceFromContent Gets or sets a value indicating whether this content is create instance from prefab.
contentScaleType The set scale manually
IsSelectableTypeFromSceneController Gets or sets a value indicating whether this selectable type is from scene controller.
selectableType The selectable type
effectDuration Animation time
easeFuncOnStart Function cache for Ease type
easeFuncOnFinish Function cache for Ease type
_time Time
timeOut Time out
instance Gets the prefab instance.
tweenEffect Gets the tween effect.


PlayStart( ) Plays the start.
PlayUnload( ) Plays the unload.
Awake( ) Process on Awakes.
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable
OnApplicationQuit( ) Process on ApplicationQuit
OnDestroy( ) Process on Destroy
UpdateObject(System.Boolean) Update Object
OnPreStart(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Pre-Start
OnLoad(mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Load
OnStart(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Start
OnPreActive(mTaskList,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Called when pre active.
OnStartProcess( ) Process on start.
OnUnload(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Unload.
OnUnloadProcess( ) Called when unload process.
OnStartDisabled( ) Process on Start when GameObject is disabled
OnFinishDisabled( ) Process on Finish when GameObject is disabled
GetChildInstance( ) Gets the child instance.