Abstract class for Distributor.




Offset The offset
loadAllImageOnLoad The load all image on load
actionOnRestricted Action on Restricted
ContentScaleType.Inherit The inherit
ContentScaleType.Automatically The automatically
ContentScaleType.Manually The manually
ContentScaleType.AutomaticallyX The automatically x
ContentScaleType.AutomaticallyY The automatically y
manualScale The manual scale
actionOnRestrictedThreshold Restricted action threshold
scrollStyle Scroll style
scrollStyleRound Scroll style rate round
scrollStyleDepth Scroll style rate depth
scrollStyleOffset Scroll style offset
effectOnStart Animation on Start
effectOnFinish Animation on Finish
durationSource Animation duration source
disableClippingOnSlideEffect The disable clipping on slide effect
_pool Object pool
_map Position hash
transitionOnUpdated The transition on updated
transitionPlayType Play timing of list transition
TransitionPlayType.OnPageTransition On page transition
TransitionPlayType.OnAwake On awake
TransitionPlayType.Manually The manually


_isUpdatingScreen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the screen is updating.
output Gets the output.
children Gets the children.
selected Gets the selected.
cachedGameObject Reference cache of GameObject
cachedTransform Reference cache of Transform
cachedRectTransform Reference cache of RectTransform
active True if the game object is active It is possible to change the state of the game object by setting bool
cachedUIGroup Cached mUIGroup component.
cachedUICore Cached mUICore component.
cachedUIOrientationSwitcher Gets the cached UI orientation switcher.
source Source list
content The content prefab
imageLoader Gets the image loader.
_orientation Orientation
automaticallyOffset Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is enable offset.
offset Gets or sets the offset.
onAction Event when button is pressed
onLongPressAction Event when button is long pressed
navigation The navigation.
space Space
contentScaleType The set scale manually
preserveAspect Gets or sets a value indicating whether preserve aspect.
IsSelectableTypeFromSceneController Gets or sets a value indicating whether this selectable type is from scene controller.
selectableType The selectable type
scrollRect Gets or sets the scroll rect.
actionOnRestrictedIndicator Indicator to display while loading data
effectDuration Animation time
easeFuncOnStart Function cache for Ease type
easeFuncOnFinish Function cache for Ease type
_isFinishedEffectOnStart Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is in finished effect on start.
_playingAnimation Gets or sets a value indicating whether [playing animation].
_prevPosition Gets or sets the previous position.
_scrollBarCache Scroll bar cache
_contentSize Contents size cache
alphaEffect Alpha Animation cache
_time Time
timeOut Time out
sceneData The scene data.
updatedTime The updated time.


OnRestrictedAction(UnityEngine.Vector4,System.Boolean) Called when restricted action.
GetOffset( ) Gets the offset.
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
PlayStart( ) Plays the start.
PlayUnload( ) Plays the unload.
Awake( ) Process on Awakes.
GetRelatedItem<T>(UIDataItem) Gets the related item.
GetRelatedItem(UIDataItem) Gets the related item.
OnLoad(mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on load.
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable.
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable.
OnApplicationQuit( ) Process on ApplicationQuit
OnDestroy( ) Process on Destroy
Sync( ) Sync process.
SetScrollRange( ) Set scroll range
InitializeContent( ) Initialize content
UpdateObject(System.Boolean) Update Object
OnPreStart(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Pre-Start
OnStart(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Process on Start
OnStartProcess( ) Called when [start process].
OnUnload(mTaskList,mScene,System.Boolean,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) OnFinish
OnUnloadProcess( ) Called when [unload process].
OnStartDisabled( ) Process on Start when GameObject is disabled;
OnFinishDisabled( ) Process on Finish when GameObject is disabled;
SetObject(System.Int32,UnityEngine.Vector2) Set object
ReleaseObject(UnityEngine.Vector3) Release object
UpdateScreenInternal( ) Updates the screen internal.
GetChildInstance(UIDataItem) Gets the child instance.
UpdateScreen(UnityEngine.Vector2) Updates the screen.
Update( ) Process on Update
OnTransformParentChanged( ) Process on TransformParentChanged
OnCanvasHierarchyChanged( ) Process on CanvasHierarchyChanged
FindInstance( ) Find instances.
CheckUpdatedInternal(System.Int64) Checks the updated.
CheckUpdated(System.Int64) Checks the updated.
SetTime(System.Int64) Set the time.
SetTime(UIDataItem) Set the time.
SetTime(UIDataList) Set the time.