An updater component for acquiring and saving mixture data.




assetTypeKey The asset type key
assetVersionKey The asset version key
enableCancelOnLoaingModal The enable cancel on loaing modal
pathKey Path Key
targetKey Target Key
dataSourceKey Data source key
itemKey Item key
movieSceneName Mixture movie scene
movieKey Mixture movie key
acquisitionSceneName Acquisition movie scene
acquisitionDataKey Acquisition data key
resultSceneName Result List scene
movieBackgroundSkinPath Background skin path of Video scene


keepAssetWhileActive Keep the asset without erasing while this instance is active.
videoID Gets the video identifier.
videoReference Reference source for video.
assetType Asset type
showModalOnLoad The show modal on load
Instance An updater component for acquiring and saving mixture data.
baseItemData Reference data for base
materialListData Reference data for material
preAppenders Pre Appenders
sourceUnits Source unit
removers Remove filter
validators Validate filter
otherUpdaters Update filter for other data
itemUpdaters Update filter for each item data


OnDestroy( ) Process on Destroy.
IsHandlingActionTarget( ) Determines whether updater is handling action target.
Preload( ) Preload data
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
Update( ) Process on Update
Mixture(UIDataItem) Play mixture
MixtureOnPrizm(UIDataItem) Play gacha with consuming Prizm
MixtureOnGold(UIDataItem) Play gacha with consuming Gold