Sink for displaying moving pictures according to data. This class cannot be inherited.




format Apply format
key Sync key
video Apply target
variableType Type of value
VariableType.VideoClip The video clip
VariableType.Static The static
VariableType.Dynamic The dynamic
clip Video clip
keyOnPortrait Key for Portrait
keyOnLandscape Key for Portrait
applyRelevantMask Apply the relevant mask automatically
UIActionOnLoad.AutoRequestOnSync The automatic request on synchronize
UIActionOnLoad.ManuallyRequest The manually request
UIActionOnLoad.WaitRequestAndGetData The wait request and get data
targetType The target type
TargetType.VideoPlayer The video player
TargetType.RawImage The raw image
rawImage The raw image
resetOnDisable Data reset on disable
enableCancelOnLoadingModal The enable cancel on loaing modal


keepAssetWhilePlay Keep the asset without erasing while the sound is playing.
source Reference source
assetType Asset type
actionOnLoad Data loading type
showModalOnLoad The show modal on load


FindInstance( ) Find instances
Reset( ) Reset component
IsSet( ) Confirm whether data is set
IsError(UIDataItem,System.String) Check if there is an error
IsApplied( ) Determines whether this instance is applied.
Sync( ) Sync process.
Update( ) Process on Update
Load( ) Load a new data
OnDisable( ) Process on Disable
CheckUpdatedInternal(System.Int64) Checks the updated.