Sink to display text mesh according to data. This class cannot be inherited.




format Apply format
key Sync key
text Apply target
dataType Data type
DataType.String The string
DataType.Int The int
DataType.Float The float
DataType.Long The long
DataType.Double The double
DataType.Boolean The boolean
DataType.TaggedText The tagged text
IsLocalized Whether to apply translation
numericAnimation Playing numeric animation
animationTime Numeric animation time


source Reference source
automaticAttachLocalizedFont Attach a font suitable for language setting automatically when this is true
skinSource Gets or sets the skin source.
skins Skin data when skin source is Component
skinPaths Skin path


FindInstance( ) Find instances
SetAdditionalSkins(mUniSm.Skin.SkinInfo,System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.Collections.Generic.List{mUniSm.Skin.Internal.SkinGroup},System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
SetAdditionalSkins(System.String[]) Sets the additional skins.
GetActiveSkinList( ) Get a list of valid skins
Validate( ) Callback method called when editing values in Unity Editor
OnEnable( ) Process on Enable
Reset( ) Reset component
Start( ) Process on Start
Update( ) Process on Update
OnTransformParentChanged( ) Process on TransformParentChanged
OnCanvasHierarchyChanged( ) Process on CanvasHierarchyChanged
IsSet( ) Confirm whether data is set
IsError(UIDataItem,System.String) Check if there is an error
Sync( ) Sync process.
CheckUpdatedInternal(System.Int64) Checks the updated.