Modifier filter for appending data.




variableType Variable Type
VariableType.StaticValue The static value
VariableType.Internal The internal value
VariableType.Outside The outside data
VariableType.SceneData The scene data
VariableType.SequenceValue The sequence value
VariableType.InternalAndSceneData Merging internal data and scene data
VariableType.SpecialValue The special value
VariableType.ConvertSpecialValue The convert special value
VariableType.RemoveFromInternal The remove from internal data
VariableType.ListCount The list count
VariableType.AppendAsListOrItem The append as list
VariableType.AddRandomValue The add random value
initNumber The initialize number for SequenceValue
modifierType Modifier type
ModifierType.DoNothing Do Nothing.
ModifierType.Serialize The serialize
ModifierType.SplitOrDeserialize The split or deserialize
ModifierType.AddPrefix The add prefix
ModifierType.RemovePrefix The remove prefix
ModifierType.InverseValue The inverse value for boolean
ModifierType.AddBooleanFlag The add boolean flag
inheritMode Inherit Mode
InheritMode.InheritIfPrevValueIsTrue The inherit if previous value is true
InheritMode.InheritIfPrevValueIsFalse The inherit if previous value is false
checkType CheckType when modifier type is AddBooleanFlag
CheckType.Condition The condition
CheckType.Validation The validation
CheckType.Modifier The modifier
inverse Inverse
conditionType Condition type
dataType Data type
DataType.Json The json
sequenceType Sequence type
SequenceType.IntSequence The int sequence
SequenceType.StringSequence The string sequence
deserializeType Deserialize Type
DeserializeType.AsItem As item
DeserializeType.AsListAndSelectFirstItem As list and select first item
DeserializeType.AsListAndSelectFirstItemFilterByCondition As list and select first item filter by condition
applySourceUnit The apply source unit
serializedValueKey Serialize value key
prefix Prefix value
IsLocalizationKey True if this is localization key
randomValueType The random value type
length String length
randomLow limit low
randomHigh Limit high
RandomValueType.String The string
RandomValueType.Int The int
RandomValueType.Float The float
RandomValueType.Long The long
RandomValueType.Double The double
RandomValueType.Boolean The boolean
key Key
sourceKey Key
referenceKey Target key
isLoadReferenceOnNotFound If the value corresponding to the key can not be found in Reference Load additional data
containsInValue Set to true if it contains a value
isLocalizedValue Set to true if it is localized value
applyCountTag Apply count tag
countKey Count key
applyAllValues Apply all values
StringSourceTargetPair.sourceKey The source key
StringSourceTargetPair.targetKey The target key


removeKeys Gets the remove keys.
specialValues Gets the special values.
transferSpecialValues Gets the transfer special values.
conditions Gets the conditions.
validators Validator list
modifiers Gets the modifier.
reference Reference data
sourceUnit Source unit data
data Gets the data.
values Gets the values.


IsUpdateSceneTimeOnSync( ) Determines whether this instance is update scene time on synchronize.
Apply(UIDataItem,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Applies the specified item.
Apply(UIDataList,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour) Applies the specified list.