Condition list for use in updater.




Apply(mDatabaseItem,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour,UIDataItem[]) Applies the specified target.
op_Addition(mConditionUpdaterList,mConditionUpdaterItem) Add item.
op_Subtraction(mConditionUpdaterList,mConditionUpdaterItem) Remove item.
Each(System.Action{mConditionUpdaterItem}) Foreach action like LINQ
SelectTask(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,mTask}) Create a task list in a way like the Select() method of LINQ
Select(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,mConditionUpdaterItem}) Manipulate the list in a way like the Select() method of LINQ
Where(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,System.Boolean}) Filter the list in a way like the Where() method of LINQ
All(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,System.Boolean}) Returns true when you match all of the conditions like the All() method of LINQ
Any(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,System.Boolean}) Returns true if there is even one that meets the condition like the Any() method of LINQ
Limit(System.Int32) Filter list by number All elements above limitCount are truncated
First(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,System.Boolean}) Retrieve the first element that meets the condition
Last(System.Func{mConditionUpdaterItem,System.Boolean}) Retrieve the last element that meets the condition