Condition data for use in updater.




referenceKey Reference key
targetKey Target key
dataSource Types of data sources
DataSource.StaticValue The static value
DataSource.Internal The internal data
DataSource.Outside The outside data
DataSource.SceneData The scene data
DataSource.RandomValue The random value
randomSelect Random select from source
maxSelectCountSource The maximum select count source
MaxSelectCountDataSource.StaticValue The static value
MaxSelectCountDataSource.Internal The internal data
MaxSelectCountDataSource.Outside The outside data
MaxSelectCountDataSource.SceneData The scene data
maxSelectCount The maximum select count
maxSelectCountKey The maximum select count key
jsonOutput Output as json type
overwrite Do you want to overwrite it?
saveAsArray The save as array
onlySaveExistValue The only save if exist value
length String length
randomLow limit low
randomHigh Limit high
dataType Data type
DataType.String The string
DataType.Int The int
DataType.Float The float
DataType.Long The long
DataType.Double The double
DataType.Boolean The boolean
actionType Action type
limitLow Limit low
limitHigh Limit high
ActionType.Set Set value
ActionType.Addition Add value
ActionType.Subtraction Sub value
IsLocalized Whether it is translated or not
defaultValueString DefaultValue
defaultValueNumeric DefaultValue
defaultValueBoolean DefaultValue


reference Reference source.
maxSelectCountReference Reference source for max select count.
randomList Random value list
editors Updater for editing sources
jsonStructure Define json data


IsUpdateSceneTimeOnSync( ) Determines whether this instance is update scene time on synchronize.
Apply(mDatabaseItem,mUniSm.Page.SceneControllerBehaviour,UIDataItem[]) Applies the specified target.