Class list

mUniSm.Location.LocationModuleInfo Module information class dedicated to Location
mUniSm.Location.LocationLocalAdapter Location adapter for Local
mUniSm.Location.LocationLocalWorld Class for location Local world structure
mUniSm.Location.LocationLocalBehaviour Class for Local location information management system behaviour.
mUniSm.Location.MapPosition Struct MapPosition
mUniSm.Location.Position Struct Position
mUniSm.Location.LocationWorld Abstract class for location world structure
mUniSm.Location.ILocationBehaviour Location behaviour interface (used for Google Maps API)
mUniSm.Location.ILocationAdapter Location adapter interface (used for Google Maps API)
mUniSm.Location.LocationBehaviour Abstract class for location information management system behaviour.
mUniSm.Location.LocationChip Abstract class for map chip data of position information
_LocationExtensions Classes for C # extended methods In fact there is no method to specify and execute this class
mUtil.Location mUniSm utility class. Location utility.
mLocationCore Location information management class. Acquisition of position information, creation of map, etc. Use Google Maps API for map system.
mLocationCore.Status Location status