Scene controller for managing and controlling battle / dungeon page. This class cannot be inherited.




BattleType.Dungeon The dungeon
BattleType.CooperationDungeon The cooperation dungeon
BattleType.UserBattle The user battle
BattleType.BattleArena The battle arena
ActionOnLoad.DoNothing Do Nothing.
ActionOnLoad.Connect The connect
ActionOnLoad.JoinTheRoom The join the room
ActionOnLoad.WaitForSyncStatusOnMaster The wait for synchronize status on master client
ActionOnLoad.WaitForSyncStatusOnAllPlayers The wait for synchronize status on all players
statusNumber The status number
ActionOnExit.DoNothing Do Nothing.
ActionOnExit.Disconnect The disconnect
actionOnDisable Action on disable
detailScene The detail scene
battleScene The battle scene
itemSelectScene The item select scene
resultScene The battle result scene
resultFloatingView The result floating view
resultCharaFloatingView The result floating view for chara
resultBonusFloatingView The result floating view for bonus
dataSetSourceType Source type
DataSetSourceType.ReferenceFromMaster The reference from master
DataSetSourceType.ReferenceFromComponent The reference from component
PageType.Front The front
PageType.Detail The detail
PageType.Inside The inside
PageType.MemberSelect The member select
PageType.UnitSelect The unit select
PageType.SupportSelect The support select
PageType.ItemSelect The item select
PageType.Confirmation The confirmation
PageType.Battle The battle
PageType.Result The result
durationSource Effect duration source


Instance Scene controller for managing and controlling battle page. This class cannot be inherited.
battleType Gets or sets the type of the battle.
userPublicData User Public Data.
fillingUserPublicData User public data list for after matching.( when not filled )
characterDataList Gets or sets the character list data.
onWarningOnExit Warning action.
actionOnLoad Gets or sets the action on load.
actionOnExit Gets or sets the action on exit.
roomID Gets the room.
questID Gets the quest identifier.
regionID Gets or sets the region identifier.
onlinePlayerCount Gets the online player count.
teamCount Gets the team count.
postSuccessAppenders Post-success Appenders
postErrorAppenders Post-error Appenders
battleScenes Gets the battle scenes.
networkingTimeOut Time out for networking
option The option data.
matchingConditions The matching conditions.
onAbort Abort Event
onSuccess Success Event
sourceUnits Source units
publicCharaList Gets or sets the public chara list.
dataSetID Gets or sets the identifier.
dataSet The result data set.
disableReturnAction Gets or sets a value indicating whether return action is disabled.
pageType Gets or sets a value indicating whether [inside page].
userDungeonData User Dungeon Data.
dungeonDataList Gets or sets the dungeon data list.
stageDataList Gets or sets the stage data list.
stageCharaList Gets or sets the stage chara list.
allCharaList Gets or sets all chara list.
onRetire Retire event
validators Validate filter
updaters Update filter
charaUpdaters Update filter
itemUpdaters Update filter
effectDuration Animation time
query Gets the query.


IsEnableDungeon( ) Determines whether this controller is enable dungeon.
IsEnableNetworking( ) Determines whether this controller is enable networking.
IsHandlingModeData( ) Determines whether controller is handling mode data.
Validate( ) Validates this instance.
OnLoad(mScene) Process on load.
OnStart(mScene,System.Boolean) Process on start.
OnUnload(mScene,System.Boolean) Process on unload.
SetDataOnPreLoadScene(System.String,UIDataItem) Sets the data on pre load scene.
Round(UIDataItem) Rounds the specified item.
Round(System.Int32) Rounds the specified round.
Play(UIDataItem) Plays the specified data.
Challenge(UIDataItem) Challenges the specified data.
Retire(UIDataItem) Retires the specified data.
Next(UIDataItem) Nexts the specified data.
Continue(UIDataItem) Retires the specified data.
Win(UIDataItem) Wins the specified data.
Draw(UIDataItem) Draws the specified data.
Lose(UIDataItem) Loses the specified data.
CheckOnExit(System.String,System.Boolean) Checks the on exit.
Matching(UIDataItem) Matching players with the specified item.
Join(UIDataItem) Join a room with a specific RoomID
WaitOnRoom(UIDataItem) Create room and wait.
ApplySuccessAppend(UIDataItem) Applies the success append.
ApplyErrorAppend(UIDataItem) Applies the error append.