mUniSm utility class. Basic utility.


Domain mUniSm Domain
IdentifierPrefix Package name prefix
PlayerPrefsPrefix PlayerPrefs prefix
UserPlayerPrefsPrefix PlayerPrefs prefix for user
EditorPlayerPrefsPrefix PlayerPrefs prefix for editor
Main.mUniSmEditorURL mUniSm Editor URL path
Main.mUniSmSupportEmail mUniSm Support mail address
Main.mUniSmScenarioEditorURL mUniSm Scenario Editor URL path
Main.mUniSmAPIURL mUniSm Reference API URL path
Main.mUniSmTranslationURL mUniSm Translation API URL path
Main.mUniSmPurchasingURL mUniSm purchasing API URL path
Main.mUniSmSubscriptionURL mUniSm subscription API URL path
Main.mUniSmEthereumURL mUniSm ethereum API URL path
Main.mUniSmActivationURL mUniSm Activation API URL path
Main.mUniSmPageURL mUniSm Page API URL path
Main.ProxyURL Proxy URL
Main.mUniSmURL mUniSm official web site URL
Main.mUniSmAppsURL mUniSm Apps page URL
Main.mUniSmTermURL Term URL
Main.mUniSmPrivacyPolicyURL Privacy Policy URL
Main.mUniSmDeletedAssetRoot Deleted asset Root
Main.mUniSmAdsURL mUniSm Ads API URL path
Main.mUniSmMapURL mUniSm Map API URL path
Main.mUniSmDocsURL Docs URL
Dev.mUniSmEditorURL mUniSm Editor URL path
Dev.mUniSmSupportEmail mUniSm Support mail address
Dev.mUniSmScenarioEditorURL mUniSm Scenario Editor URL path
Dev.mUniSmAPIURL mUniSm Reference API URL path
Dev.mUniSmTranslationURL mUniSm Translation API URL path
Dev.mUniSmPurchasingURL mUniSm purchasing API URL path
Dev.mUniSmSubscriptionURL mUniSm subscription API URL path
Dev.mUniSmEthereumURL mUniSm ethereum API URL path
Dev.mUniSmActivationURL mUniSm Activation API URL path
Dev.mUniSmPageURL mUniSm Page API URL path
Dev.ProxyURL Proxy URL
Dev.mUniSmURL mUniSm URL
Dev.mUniSmAppsURL mUniSm App page URL
Dev.mUniSmTermURL Term URL
Dev.mUniSmPrivacyPolicyURL Privacy Policy URL
Dev.mUniSmDeletedAssetRoot Deleted asset Root
Dev.mUniSmAdsURL mUniSm Ads API URL path
Dev.mUniSmMapURL mUniSm Map API URL path
Dev.mUniSmDocsURL Docs URL
GoogleSpreadSheetAPIURL GoogleSpreadSheet API URL path format
AppStoreURL AppStore URL format
GooglePlayURL GooglePlay URL format
mUniSmAPIPattern mUniSm API URL expression pattern
HttpString Http string
mUniSmSchemeString mUniSm internal link string
DevelopmentModeModuleID mUniSm Development mode module ID
Empty Empty
Space Space
Comma Comma
CommaChar Comma
Dot Dot
DotChar Dot
Colon Colon
ColonChar Colon
BracketStart Start of Bracket
BracketEnd End of Bracket
AngleBracketStart Start of AngleBracket
AngleBracketEnd End of AngleBracket
BracesStart Start of Braces
BracesEnd End of Braces
Dollar String of Dollar
Percentage String of percentage
Sharp String of sharp
Slash String of slash
SlashChar String of slash
Underbar String of Underbar
Atmark Atmark
NewlineCodeChar Newline
NewlineCode Newline
EmptyOfJson The empty of json
Key The key
Value The value
True The true
False The false
BlackCode The black code
WhiteCode The white code
mUniSmOfficialSiteName mUniSm Official site name key
mUniSmOfficialSiteText mUniSm Official site text key
LocalizeFontName Key of font name
Vector2One Definition of Vector2(1, 1)
Vector3One Definition of Vector3(1, 1, 1)
Vector4One Definition of Vector4(1, 1, 1, 1)
Vector2Zero Definition of Vector2(0, 0)
Vector3Zero Definition of Vector3(0, 0, 0)
Vector4Zero Definition of Vector4(0, 0, 0, 0)
Vector2Half Definition of Vector2(0.5, 0.5)
Vector3Half Definition of Vector3(0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
Vector4Half Definition of Vector4(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5)
Vector3PlaneXZ Vector 3 with plane XZ axis
QuaternionZero Definition of Quaternion.Euler( 0, 0, 0 )
IntervalShort WaitForSeconds object of short interval (1 seconds)
IntervalMedium WaitForSeconds object of medium interval (5 seconds)
IntervalLong WaitForSeconds object of long interval (10 seconds)
IntervalPolling WaitForSeconds object of polling interval (90 seconds)
RectOne Difinition of Rect( 0, 0, 1, 1 )
QuaternionRightDirection The quaternion right direction of y-axis
QuaternionLeftDirection The quaternion left direction of y-axis
QuaternionForwardRightDirection The quaternion forward-right direction of y-axis
QuaternionForwardLeftDirection The quaternion forward-left direction of y-axis
QuaternionBackDirection The quaternion back direction of y-axis
QuaternionBackRightDirection The quaternion back-right direction of y-axis
QuaternionBackLeftDirection The quaternion back-left direction of y-axis
FontIconNameList List of font icon names
FontIconDictionary Font icon data list


Width Screen width size (Editor compatible) (with iPhone X safearea)
RealWidth Screen width size (Editor compatible)
Height Screen height size (Editor compatible)(with iPhone X safearea)
RealHeight Screen height size (Editor compatible)(with iPhone X safearea)


GetDownloadAPIKey(System.String,System.String) Addition of APIKey header for WWW class
Encrypt(System.String) Encrypts the specified text.
Decrypt(System.String) Decrypts the specified text.
GetFirstAuthorizedKey(System.DateTime) Get First authorized key
IsUserDefinedTag(System.String) Check if it is a user-defined tag
ConvertUserDefinedTagToNormalTag(System.String) Convert user-defined tags to regular tags
GetLocalizeFontPath( ) Obtain font path for each language
WaitForSeconds(System.Single) Gets the wait for seconds.
GetLocalizedKey(System.String,System.String) Get Localized key
GetAssetKey(System.String,mAssetType) Get AssetType key
GetAssetPlatformKey(System.String,System.String) Get AssetType key for AssetBundle
GetLocalizedAssetKey(System.String,System.String,mAssetType) Get Localized AssetType key
GetLocalizedAssetPlatformKey(System.String,System.String,System.String) Get Localized AssetType key for AssetBundle
GetTimeFromRank(System.Int32,System.Single) Calculation of time according to rank Higher rank returns longer time Degree can be set with strength
IsEditor( ) Check if it is executed in the unity editor
SHA256(System.String) Returns the hash of the SHA 256 as a character string
ValidHighLow(System.Int32@,System.Int32@) Valids the high and low.
ValidHighLow(System.Int64@,System.Int64@) Valids the high and low.
ValidHighLow(System.Single@,System.Single@) Valids the high and low.
ValidHighLow(System.Double@,System.Double@) Valids the high and low.
GenerateCode(System.Int32,System.Int32,System.Int32) Random code generation
GenerateCodeForID(System.Int32,System.Int32) Random code generation for friend code / ID Eliminate characters difficult to distinguish between I and 1, l
String2Int(System.String) Convert string to specified number Use when using string as random seed
Instantiate<T>(<T>,System.String,UnityEngine.Transform) Instantiate component
GetAssemblyProperty<T>(System.String,System.String,System.String) Get property value from string
GetAssemblyStaticInvokeMethod<T>(System.String,System.String,System.String,System.Object[]) Invoke static method by reflection
IsOfficialHost( ) Determines whether absolute url is official host.
GetURLParameters( ) Gets the URL parameters.
Modulo(System.Int32,System.Int32) Moduloes the specified number.
UnixTime2DateTime(System.Int64) Unix time -> DateTime conversion
UnixTime2DateTimeMilliSeconds(System.Int64) Unix time ( Milli seconds ) -> DateTime conversion
DateTime2UnixTime(System.DateTime) DateTime -> Unix time conversion
DateTime2UnixTimeMilliSeconds(System.DateTime) DateTime -> Unix time ( Milli seconds ) conversion
DateTime2UnixTimeFrameMilliSeconds(System.DateTime) DateTime -> Unity frame time ( Milli seconds ) conversion. Depending on the frame time of the game round down the time.
DateTime2UnixTime( ) Get current Unix time at UTC time zone
DateTime2UnixTimeMilliSeconds( ) Get current Unix time ( Milli seconds ) at UTC time zone
DateTime2UnixTimeFrameMilliSeconds( ) Get current Unity frame time ( Milli seconds ) at UTC time zone. Depending on the frame time of the game round down the time.
GetDayNumber( ) Day number calculation @Current time UTC time zone
GetDayNumber(System.DateTime) Day number calculation @DateTime
GetDays(System.DateTime) Calculate the date of two dates @Current time UTC time zone
GetDays(System.DateTime,System.DateTime) Calculate the date of two dates @DateTime
GetWeekNumber(System.DayOfWeek) Week number calculation @Current time UTC time zone
GetWeekNumber(System.DateTime,System.DayOfWeek) Week number calculation @DateTime
GetDayOfThisWeek(System.DayOfWeek) Calculate the first day of the week from the date @Current time UTC time zone
GetDayOfThisWeek(System.DateTime,System.DayOfWeek) Calculate the first day of the week from the date @DateTime
GetDayOfThisMonth(System.Int32) Calculate the first day of the month from the date @Current time UTC time zone
GetDayOfThisMonth(System.DateTime,System.Int32) Calculate the first day of the month from the date @DateTime
GetMonthNumber(System.Int32) Month number calculation @Current time UTC time zone
GetMonthNumber(System.DateTime,System.Int32) Month number calculation @DateTime
MonthNumber2DateTime(System.Int32,System.Boolean) Month number -> DateTime conversion Calculate 0 hour 0 minute 0 second on the first day of the month (UTC time zone) If atLastDay is true, calculate 0 hour 0 minute 0 second on the last day of the month
GetFilesInChildren(System.String,System.String) Search all files below the folder
ExplodeURLParameters(System.String) Decompose URL parameters and store them in Dictionary
GetInclinationRandom(System.Single,System.Int32) Get biased random value The higher the value of strength, the greater the bias
IsHitInclinationRandom(System.Single,System.String,System.Int32) Check whether an element using a biased value hits It is possible to check if the element hits using the threshold Used for winning Gacha i.e. [A] => 20 [B] => 50 [C] => 100 [A] hit at 20%. [B] hits by 30% and [C] hits by 50%
DictionaryToBinary<TKey,TValue>(System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary{<TKey,TValue>,<TKey,TValue>}) Converts to binary.
BinaryToDictionary<TKey,TValue>(System.Byte[]) Converts to dictionary.
ListToBinary<T>(System.Collections.Generic.List{<T>}) Converts to binary.
BinaryToList<T>(System.Byte[]) Converts to list.
GetOrientation( ) Acquire screen orientation
GetOrientation(System.Single,System.Single) Acquire screen orientation
LoadResourcesAny<T>(System.String) Get a component with a specific name from the Unity Resources folder
UnescapeDataString(System.String) URL decoding is performed based on RFC 3986.
EscapeDataString(System.String,System.Text.Encoding) URL encoding is performed based on RFC 3986.
EscapeDataString(System.String) URL encoding is performed based on RFC 3986.
EscapeUriString(System.String,System.Text.Encoding) URL encoding of URI character string is performed based on RFC 3986.
EscapeUriString(System.String) URL encoding of URI character string is performed based on RFC 3986.
HexEscape(System.Char,System.Text.Encoding) Perform Hex escape encoding of the specified character.
URLProxy(System.String) Get Proxy URL Used to avoid CrossDomain problems with WebGL etc
EachForFileLine(System.String,System.Func{System.String,System.String}) Process text by expanding text file line by line
EachForJsonFile(System.String,System.Func{System.String,System.Object,System.String}) Process text by expanding json file line by line
EachForXmlFile(System.String,System.Func{System.String,System.Xml.Linq.XDocument,System.String}) Process text by expanding xml file line by line