Save information for module




Enable True This module is valid
PackageName Package name
Name Module name
Description Module comment
Version Module version
MinSDKVersion Minimum SDK Version
TargetSDKVersion Target SDK Version
Author Author name
OfficialURL Official URL
Email E-mail
RootDirectoryPath The root directory name of the module
ModuleType Module type
ModuleOrder Module execution order
assemblyInformation Assembly information
additionalAssemblyInformation Assembly information after entry
commandOnLoad Load command i.e. You can use Firebase with the Firebase adapter with the following command init database Assembly-CSharp::DatabaseFirebaseAdapter::Instance
EnablePushNotification True to enable push notification on this module
DatabaseConfigKey Key of data saving the Database setting if AvailablePurchasingDatabase is true
LocalizationURL Gets the localization URL.
customValue Gets the custom value of this module.
additionalFunction Gets the additional function.


Init(System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String,System.String) Initialize module
Entry(System.Collections.Generic.List{mUniSm.Core.Editor.AssemblyInfo}@,System.Boolean) Entries the specified information list.
AfterEntry(System.Collections.Generic.List{mUniSm.Core.Editor.AssemblyInfo}@,System.Boolean) Entries the specified information list after done the first entry
OnBeforeLoad( ) Called when [Before load].
OnLoad( ) Called when [Load].
OnAfterLoad( ) Called when [After load].
OnObjectLoad( ) Called when [object load].