Dictionary class for saving translations List of keys of type SystemLanguage and keys of string type Only target languages ??available in mUniSm


This[UnityEngine.SystemLanguage] Gets the with the specified language.


English Get the English localization.
Japanese Get the Japanese localization.
Chinese Get the Chinese localization.
ChineseSimplified Get the Chinese-Simplified localization.
ChineseTraditional Get the Chinese-Traditional localization.
French Get the French localization.
German Get the German localization.
Spanish Get the Spanish localization.
Russian Get the Russian localization.
Indonesian Get the Indonesian localization.
Korean Get the Korean localization.
Thai Get the Thai localization.
Arabic Get the Arabic localization.
Italian Get the Italian localization.
Portuguese Get the Portuguese localization.
Count Gets the count.
Keys Gets the keys.
Values Gets the values.


GetString( ) Gets the string.
Apply(UIDataItem,System.String) Applies the specified item.
CopyTo(mUniSm.Core.FixedLocalizedTextList) Copy to other instance
Reset( ) Resets this list.
GetEnumerator( ) Gets the enumerator.