Save information for base module It can be created by selecting the menu: mUniSm/Core/Setting/Info/BaseModule




ModuleType Module type
ActionInfo Module of action information
DirectMode Gets a value indicating whether [Direct mode]. When this is True Move directly to mode without going through the title screen
TitleCoreScene TitleCore Scene Name
TitleLogoScene TitleLogo Scene Name
TitleAuthScene TitleAuth Scene Name
TitleLoadScene TitleLoad Scene Name
TitleMainScene TitleMain Scene Name
GameCoreScene GameCore Scene Name
PageCoreScene PageCore Scene Name
PageHomeScene PageHome Scene Name
BackgroundScene Background Scene Name
VideoScene Video Scene Name
AcquisitionScene Acquisition Scene Name
LoadScene Load Scene Name
SelectSceneFormat Data Select Scene Name
ViewSceneFormat Data View Scene Name
DetailSceneFormat Data Detail Scene Name
PurchasingScene Purchasing Scene Name
PurchaseModalScene PurchasingModal Scene Name
LocationScene Location Scene Name
NetworkingScene Networking Scene Name
mUniSmPageCoreScene mUniSmPageCore Scene Name
mUniSmAppCoreScene mUniSmCore Scene Name
ScenarioCoreScene ScenarioCore Scene Name Scene name to be read when mUniSm Scenario is imported
BuildSettingSceneList List of scenes to register for build setting The scene path registered in this is automatically registered in the scene at the time of build
UnitCount Gets or sets the unit count.
EnableSupportChara Gets or sets a value indicating whether support chara is enabled.
MaxUnitCount Gets or sets the maximum unit count.


OnObjectLoad( ) Called when [object load].