Manage application information Also manage settings of project information, modules, plug-ins, skins, etc.




ContentPlayType.None The none
ContentPlayType.Scenario The scenario
ContentPlayType.Scene The scene


Imported Gets a value indicating whether this is imported.
IsInitialized True if AppInfo is initialized
IsActivated True if mUniSm is activated
IsDevelopmentMode True for Development Mode True if the project was created on the development server
IsStandaloneMode True for Standalone Mode True if the project was created on the standalone server
IsVerificationMode True for validation mode Normally it is false and only when you turn on test mode with mUniSm editor true
IsManagerVerificationMode True for validation mode Normally it is false and only when you turn on test mode with mUniSm editor true
IsClearPlayerPrefsOnEditor When set to True Delete all contents of PlayerPrefs at startup Used for debugging Valid only when playing with Unity Editor
rawData RawData of project data
DefineSymbols Scripting Define symbols
BootCoreScenePath Path where BootCoreScene resides Describe mUniSm or less
TitleScene Title Scene Name
HomeScene Home Scene Name
BackgroundScene Background Scene Name
VideoScene Video Scene Name
LoadScene Load Scene Name
BootPageScene Boot Page Scene Name
BootCoreScene Boot Core Scene Name
APIKey API Key Get from data automatically when not blank
ContentType Gets the type of the content.
ContentID Gets the content identifier.
ContentScene Gets the content scene.
ContentName Gets the name of the content.
ContentRemove Gets the content remove.
ProjectID Project ID
ProductName Product Name English Only
ProductText Product Text English Only
IsCloudGame Gets a value indicating whether this instance is cloud game.
CloudPort Gets the cloud port.
CloudCommandPath Gets the cloud command path.
UniqueIdentifier Gets the unique identifier.
Author Product Author
Alias Product Alias
PackageName Package Name
Title App Name Translated Product Name
DefaultPackageName Gets the default name of the package.
DefaultTitle Gets the default title.
LocalizedTitle Translate all App Name
Version App Version
VersionCode App Version Code
SDKVersion mUniSm SDK version.
Image App Image
Icon App Icon
Background Background Image
Foreground Foreground Image
HomeImage Home Image
IsMasterClient True if its terminal is the master client Used only when online. Always true when offline
IsEnableCryption If this is set to false, encryption will not be performed in the local database or the like Used for debugging. Since there is a risk that data will be altered if encryption is not done, use carefully
IsEnableAds True if ads function is enabled
IsEnableRemoteDB True if remote database function is enabled
IsEnablePurchasing True if purchasing function is enabled
IsEnablePushNotification True if the push function is enabled
forceSetSystemLanguage If this is set to a language other than Unknown, it forcibly switches to the language set by the default language
IsEnableSupportChara Gets a value indicating whether this instance is enable support chara.
UnitCount Gets the unit count.
MaxUnitCount Gets the unit count.
LoginID Login ID for mUniSm User
Email E-mail for mUniSm User
InitGem Gets the initialize gem.
InitCoin Gets the initialize coin.
InitStamina Gets the initialize stamina.
AvailableAutoGeneration Gets a value indicating whether automatic generation is available.
Module Base module data
ModuleID Base module ID
ModulePackageURL Base module Package URL Download package from this URL
ModulePackageName Base module Package Name
PluginData UIDataList containing plugin settings
AvailablePluginData UIDataList containing available plugin settings
SkinID Skin module ID
SkinPackageURL Skin module Package URL Download package from this URL
SkinVersion Skin module Package Version
SkinPackageName Skin module Package Name
GemName Gets the name of the gem.
CoinName Gets the name of the coin.
StaminaName Gets the name of the stamina.
RatingName Gets the name of the rating.
AssetType Global AssetType This setting becomes the default if you do not specify it yourself in the component
StoreURL Store URL Acquisition by platform
AdsGameID Ad GameID Acquisition by platform
AdsUnitID Ad UnitID Acquisition by platform
DefaultUID Default ID when device unique ID can not be obtained (length is 32 only)
PortraitCanvasSize Canvas size when portrait The default is Full HD
LandscapeCanvasSize Canvas size when landscape The default is Full HD
MaximumCanvasSize Maximum canvas size including portrait and landscape
MinimumCanvasSize Minimum canvas size including portrait and landscape
MaximumMobileScreenSize You can lighten processing by restricting mobile screen size If it is less than 0 it will not change the screen size
DebugSafeArea Gets or sets the debug safe area.
TargetFrameRate Application.targetFrameRate Target frame rate you want to set Depending on the platform it may not be reflected
RetryIntervalTime Time to wait when retrying (1 or more)
MaxRetryCount Time to wait when retrying (1 or more)
IconFont Font for icon
SkinList Preload application skin Skins are applied sequentially from the top
temporaryCachePath Application.temporaryCachePath Caching with character strings
persistentDataPath Application.persistentDataPath Caching with character strings
streamingAssetsPath Application.streamingAssetsPath Caching with character strings
dataPath Application.dataPath Caching with character strings
systemLanguage Application.systemLanguage Caching with character strings
rawSystemLanguage Application.systemLanguage
platform Application.platform Caching with character strings
ForceNetworkShutdown Forcibly shut down network When this is true, it forcibly creates a state not connected to the network For debugging
DisplayNetworkResponse Display response of network on console For debugging
shortEffectDuration Master effect duration Use for short effects
mediumEffectDuration Master effect duration Used with general effects
longEffectDuration Master effect duration Use with long effect
allowableDecreaseFrameRate Percentage of how much frame rate is acceptable Applications may be paused if they fall below this frame rate
waitEffectDuration Master effect duration Use with wait effect
androidKeyStorePass Android keystore pass Automatically set at build time
androidKeyStoreAliasPass Android keystore alias pass Automatically set at build time
CapabilityList Gets the capability list.
ReferenceData Gets the reference data.


ContainsSymbol(System.String) Check if symbol is contained.
GetBGM(System.String) BGM sound Get sound ID
GetSoundEffect(System.String) Sound Effect Get the ID of the sound effect corresponding to the given key
ClearBGM(System.String) Clears the BGM.
ClearSoundEffect(System.String) Clears the sound effect.
SetPlugin(mUniSm.Core.PluginModuleInfo) Set Plugin module
GetPlugin(System.String) Get Plugin module Get plug-in with specified package name
GetPlugins( ) Gets the active plugin list.
GetCustomValue(System.String) Retrieve the data of CustomValue Get corresponding custom value using specific package name
GetModuleOrPluginData(System.String,System.Boolean) Gets the plugin or module data.
GetTutorial(System.String) Get tutorial data Acquire tutorial data corresponding to specified position key
GetPrologueID( ) Gets the prologue identifier.
GetFrameRateThreshold( ) Get frame rate threshold When the frame rate is below this threshold temporarily stop the action to the next Check it before animation is done
GetEffectDuration(mTweenDurationSource,System.Single) Acquire effect duration time (Seconds) Acquire necessary time according to 3 types of large, medium and small For other settings The value of defaultDuration applies
GetDataSet<T>(System.String) Gets the data set.
Reset(System.Boolean) Resets the config