Class handling message display in case of exception or error


Core.Exception(System.String) Called when exception
Core.Null(System.String) Called when data is null
Core.SceneDoesNotExist(System.String) Called when scene does not exist in build setting
Core.Aborted(System.String) Called when aborted to process
Core.Timeout(System.String) Called when timed out to process
Core.Fault(System.String) Called when failed to process
Core.NotFound(System.String) Called when not found
Core.NotSupported(System.String) Called when not supported
Core.ArgumentNull(System.String) Called when argument is null
Core.KeyContainsSlash( ) Called when key contains slash
Core.ThreadStop(System.String) Called when other thread is stopped
Core.NullOperation( ) Called when a null value is entered
Core.ForbiddenChanging( ) Called when a changing data is forbidden
Core.NotNewData(System.Type) Called when it is not new data
Core.UnInitialized(System.Type) Called when component is not initialized
Core.StandaloneMode(System.Type) Called when system is standalone mode.
Core.UnActivated(System.Type) Called when component is not activated
Core.DevelopmentModeRestriction(System.Type) Called when development mode is not running and using unused component
Core.DuplicateProcess(System.Type) Called when component process is duplicated
Core.DuplicateValue(System.String) Called when value is duplicated
Core.NullmUniSmManager(System.Type) Called when mCoreManager or mPageManager instance is not found in hierarchy
Core.NullComponent(System.Type) Called when Component is not found in hierarchy
Core.NotOverwriteSystemInstance( ) Called when trying to overwrite a system instance
Core.InvalidCastType( ) Called when cast object types are different
Core.NotAllowedDisable( ) Called when the system object becomes disable
Core.NotContainsKey(System.String) Called when the key does not exist
Core.FaultCheckDependencies( ) Called when faulted checking dependencies
Core.NetworkNotReachable( ) Called when you can not access the Internet
Core.FaultParsingData(System.String) Called when faulted parsing data
Core.FaultedActivation( ) Called when faulted activation
Asset.NotGoogleSpreadSheet( ) Called when URL is not Google spreadsheet
Asset.NotmUniSmAPIKey( ) Called when URL is not mUniSm API Key
Asset.DeletedByAuthor( ) Called when assets were deleted due to copyright violation
Database.DataTypeException(System.String,System.Object) In case of a data format that can not be saved
Database.NullAuth( ) Called when authentication information is null
Database.NullmUniSmAuth( ) Called when mUniSm authentication information is null
Database.AlreadymUniSmAuth( ) Called when already have mUniSm login
Database.NotSupported( ) Called when database is not supported
Database.Loggedout(System.Boolean,System.Int32) Called upon logout
Database.TimeFrauding( ) Called when time fraud is found
Database.LoadingNextFaulted( ) Called when reading with the RequestOnce at the time of reading the next data
Network.AlreadyConnected( ) Called when already connected to network
Network.AlreadyDisconnected( ) Called when already disconnected to network
Network.NotConnection( ) Called when there is no connection
Ads.IsNotReady( ) Called when ad unit is not ready
Ads.Fault( ) Called when failed to process
Purchasing.IsRestricted( ) Called when catching on age limit for purchase
Purchasing.InvalidProductType( ) Called when the product type is invalid
Purchasing.RefundIsNotSupported( ) Called when payout service is not supported
Purchasing.PurchasingIsNotSupported( ) Called when purchasing service is not supported
Purchasing.SubscriptionIsNotSupported( ) Called when subscription service is not supported
Purchasing.PaymentIsNotSupported( ) Called when payment service is not supported
Purchasing.BonusIsNotSupported( ) Called when bonus service is not supported
Purchasing.SendCurrencyIsNotSupported( ) Called when sending currency service is not supported
Purchasing.PaymentSmallerThanMinimum( ) Called when trying to make payment with a value smaller than the minimum value
Purchasing.ProductIsNotAvailable( ) Called when products is not available
Location.NotSupported( ) Called when location services is not supported
Editor.NotFoundComponent(System.Type) Called when component is not found
Editor.BuildTargetNotSupport(System.String) Called when build target is not found
Editor.InvalidAttachmentType(System.Type) Called when attachment object is different type