UIDataItem which made it possible to acquire the parameter of the character




#ctor(UIDataItem) Initializes a new instance of the class.
#ctor(System.String,System.Type,System.Int32,System.Int32) Request management class Used in conjunction with coroutines to synchronize all asynchronous processing


Life The life key
MinLife The minimum life key
MaxLife The maximum life key
Atk The attack key
MinAtk The minimum attack key
MaxAtk The maximum attack key
Spd The speed key
MinSpd The minimum speed key
MaxSpd The maximum speed key
MaxLevel The maximum level key
PlusLife The plus life key
PlusAtk The plus attack key
PlusSpd The plus speed key
Plus The plus key
Exp The exp key
Level The level key
Seed The seed key
Element The element key
BonusExp The bonus exp key
BonusGold The bonus gold key
Strength The strength key


GetExpTable( ) Gets the exp table.
Create(UIDataItem) Initializes a new instance of the class.
GetElementAtk(System.Int32) Gets the element atk.
GetLife( ) Gets the life.
GetSpeed( ) Gets the speed.
GetLevel( ) Gets the level.
GetPlus( ) Gets the plus.