Effect information




type The type
Type.Video The video
Type.Timeline The timeline
Type.Animator The animator
Type.Particle The particle
position The position
Position.Screen The screen
Position.SourceRegion The source region
Position.IndividualSource The individual source
Position.TargetRegion The target region
Position.IndividualTarget The individual target
Position.SourceRegionToTargetRegion Source region to target region.
Position.IndividualSourceToTargetRegion The individual source to target region.
Position.SourceRegionToIndividualTarget Source region to the individual target.
Position.IndividualSourceToIndividualTarget The individual source to the individual target.
animatorState The animator state
playAudioClipOnStart The play audio clip on start
durationType The duration type
DurationType.StaticValue The static value
DurationType.Animation The animation
durationSource Effect duration source


PackageName Effect package name
Author Author name
OfficialURL Official URL
Email E-mail
Version Effect version
VersionCode Effect version code
MinSDKVersion Min SDK Version
TargetSDKVersion Target SDK Version
particleSystem Gets or sets the particle system.
videoPlayer Gets or sets the video player.
animator Gets or sets the animator.
playableDirector Gets or sets the playable director.
audioClip Gets or sets the audio clip.
effectDuration Animation time