Definition of data tag


ID The identifier
UID The uid
SID The sid
MID The material id
Empty The empty
Enable The uid
PID The party id
Path The path
Version The version
Owner The owner id
Name The name
Text The text
Rank The rank
Init The init
Flag The flag
Value The key of value
OnCount The key of on count
Frequency The key of frequency
OnPrice The key of on price
OnCoin The key of on coin
OnStamina The key of on stamina
OnGem The key of on gem
OnMulti The key of on multi
Price The key of price
Multi The key of multi gem
BGM The key of bgm
Release The key of release
ReleaseRestriction The key of release restriction
ReleaseRestrictionPrice The key of release restriction price
Gem The key of gem
Stamina The key of stamina
Type The type
Index The index key
Scenario Tag of Scenario
AssetStatusTag Tag representing the state of the asset
AssetType AssetType key
AssetVersion AssetVersion key
AdditionalImage The additional image key
ImageType ImageType key
Character Character key
Effect The effect
Item The item
Plus The plus key
Exp The exp key
Level The level key
Seed The seed key
Element The element key
Generate Flag for auto generation
Boss Flag as to whether it is a boss
Length The length
Turn The turn key
Charge The charge key
Status The status key
Team The key of team
Link Link key
InitUnit InitUnit key
RandomUnit RandomUnit key
Content The key of content
Day The key of day
Week The key of week
Month The key of month
MilliSeconds The key of milli seconds
RotationOrder RotationOrder key
Time The key of time
StartTime The start time
EndTime The end time
Action The action key
Asc The asc
Desc The desc
Default The default
Image The image
Sound The sound
Source The source
Video The video
Min Determines the minimum of the parameters.
Max Determines the maximun of the parameters.
Submit The submit
Cancel The cancel
Cost The cost
Timing The timing
Command The command
Color The color
OnStart The on start
OnMain The on main
OnNext The on next
OnEnd The on end
Always The always
Rating The rating
Coin The coin key
Normal Normal key
Rare The rare key
RareProb The rare prob key
Group The group key
GroupID The group id
Cluster The cluster key
Start The start key
Retire The retire key
Clear The clear key
ClearBonus The clear bonus key
ClearBonusPrice The clear bonus price key
Battle The battle key
Retry The retry key
Next The next key
Win The win key
Lose The lose key
Draw The draw key
Result The result key
Unknown The unknown
TextSpeed The text speed
TriggerOnStart The trigger on start
TriggerOnFinish The trigger on finish
CharacterPosition The character position
PositionType The position type
Flip The flip
ClearText The clear text
ChangeTime The change time
Wait The wait
WaitTime The wait time
Transition The transition
AddFlag The add flag
RemoveFlag The remove flag
Model The model
EventType The event type
StartDate The start date
EndDate The end date
StartDayOfWeek The key for day of the week beginning of the week
StartDayOfMonth The key for first day of the month
Count The count
Restriction Restriction
RestrictionDay Key for restriction day
RestrictionWeek Key for restriction week
RestrictionCount RestrictionCount key
Condition The condition
OnCondition The condition
MatchType The match type
Attributes The attributes
Format The format
Word The word
Names.GemName The key of gem name
Names.CoinName The coin name key
Names.StaminaName The key of stamina name
Names.RatingName The rating name
Conditions.ClearScenario The clear scenario
Conditions.ClearDungeon The clear dungeon
Conditions.EnableFlag The enable flag
Conditions.DisableFlag The disable flag
Dungeon.Region The region identifier
Dungeon.ID The dungeon identifier
Dungeon.Stage The stage key
Dungeon.Round The round key
Dungeon.RoundLength The round length key
Dungeon.RoundGroup The round group key
Dungeon.BonusCount The bonus count key
Networking.Connected The key of connected
Networking.InRoom The key of in room
Networking.RoomName The key of room name
Networking.InLobby The key of in lobby
Networking.IsMaster The key of is master
Networking.IsUser The key of is user
Networking.IsClosedMatching The key of is closed matching
Networking.PlayerCount The key of player count
Networking.Room The key of room property
Networking.Master The key of master property
Skill.SkillLearnTarget The skill learn target
Skill.SkillLearnChara The skill learn chara
Skill.SkillLearnGroup The skill learn group
Skill.PassiveLife The passive life
Skill.PassiveAtk The passive attack
Skill.PassiveSpd The passive speed
Chara.CP The Character Power
Chara.UP The Unit Power
Chara.SourceCP The source CP
Chara.UnitCount The UnitCount
Chara.Life The life key
Chara.BaseLife The life key (base value)
Chara.FullLife The full life key (base value)
Chara.MinLife The minimum life key
Chara.MaxLife The maximum life key
Chara.Atk The attack key
Chara.BaseAtk The attack key (base value)
Chara.MinAtk The minimum attack key
Chara.MaxAtk The maximum attack key
Chara.Spd The speed key
Chara.BaseSpd The speed key (base value)
Chara.MinSpd The minimum speed key
Chara.MaxSpd The maximum speed key
Chara.MaxLevel The maximum level key
Chara.SkillSlot The skill slot
Chara.PlusLife The plus life key
Chara.PlusAtk The plus attack key
Chara.PlusSpd The plus speed key
Chara.BonusExp The bonus exp key
Chara.BonusCoin The bonus coin key
Chara.BonusGem The bonus gem key
Chara.BonusPoint The bonus point key
Chara.EXPToNextLevel Experience value to the next level
Chara.RequiredEXPToNextLevel Required experience value to the next level
Chara.RequiredEXPToNextLevelRate Required experience value to the next level
Chara.DiffCPFromPrevLevel Difference of CP between previous level and current level
Chara.DiffLifeFromPrevLevel Difference of Life between previous level and current level
Chara.DiffAtkFromPrevLevel Difference of Atk between previous level and current level
Chara.DiffSpdFromPrevLevel Difference of Spd between previous level and current level
Chara.AutoStrength Flag on whether to decide strength with auto
Chara.Strength The strength
Chara.LifeAdjust Life adjustment number
Chara.StageRank The stage rank
Chara.SpecialSkill The special skill
Chara.Skill The skill
Chara.InitSkill The initial skill
Chara.SkillType The skill type
Chara.Leader The leader
Chara.Support The support
Chara.LifeRatio The life key
Chara.IsUser The key of is user
Chara.IsOffline The key of is offline
Chara.IsGenerated The key of is generated
Chara.CharaList The key of character list
Chara.EarnedExp The eaned exp
Chara.AppliedPrevExp The applied previous exp
Chara.AppliedNextExp The applied next exp
Chara.SkillData The skill data
Chara.SpecialSkillList The special skill list
Chara.SkillList The skill list
Chara.AllSkillList All skill list
Chara.ActiveSkillList The active skill list
Chara.PassiveSkillList The passive skill list
Chara.TopSkill Top pskill.
Chara.InBattle In Battle
Data.PortraitData Portrait Data Reference Key
Data.LandscapeData Landscape Data Reference Key
Data.IconData Icon Data Reference Key
Data.LongSoundData LongSound Data Reference Key
Data.ShortSoundData ShortSound Data Reference Key
Data.VideoData Video Data Reference Key
Data.ActorData Actor Data Reference Key
Data.CategoryData Category Data Reference Key
Data.GroupData Group Data Reference Key
Data.WordData Words Data Reference Key
Data.JsonData Json Data Reference Key
Data.EffectData Effect Data Reference Key
Data.CharacterData Character Data Reference Key
Data.ConditionData Condition Data Reference Key
Data.ScenarioData Scenario Data Reference Key
Data.SkillData Skill Data Reference Key
Data.ModuleData Module Data Reference Key
Data.SkinData Skin Data Reference Key
Ads.IsAds Flag tag as to whether it is an advertisement asset
Ads.AdsPrice Price of advertisement
Ads.InformationAds The information ads
AutoGenerate.WordGroup The word group
AutoGenerate.WordSet The word set