Definition of control tag defined by UI Dataflow


TID The tid
UID The uid
SID The sid
CID The cid
Name Tag of name
Text Tag of text
Price Tag of price
Gem Tag of gem
Coin Tag of coin
Multi Tag of multi
OnCount The key of on count
OnPrice The key of on price
OnCoin The key of on coin
OnStamina The key of on stamina
OnGem The key of on gem
OnMulti The key of on multi
ReleaseRestriction The key of release restriction
ReleaseRestrictionPrice The key of release restriction price
Stamina Tag of stamina
Rarity Tag of rarity
Count Tag of count
Icon Tag when dealing with icon
Source Tag when dealing with scene source
Sound Tag when dealing with sound
Parent Tag when dealing with scene parent
Target Tag when dealing with scene target
LongTarget Tag when dealing with scene target on long click
SelectTarget Tag when dealing with scene target on select
Purchasing Tag when dealing with purchasing
Incoming Tag when dealing with incoming
ImageWhite Tag that makes the image white
ImageUnfocus Tag that makes the image un-focus
ImageFlipX Tag that makes the image flip X
ImageFlipY Tag that makes the image flip Y
ImageMaxBright Tag that makes the image bright
ShowTasksModal Tag that show the tasks modal
AnimationID Tag that makes extract from multiple images or execute model animation trigger
Time Tag for keeping track of UTC time
KeepAsset Tag for keeping asset data
Skin Skin tag
VariableType VariableType tag
BackgroundSkin Tag for background skin
ButtonSkin Button skin tag
TextSkin Text skin tag
IconSkin Icon skin tag
AllowAbort Allow abort tag
Active Active tag
Disable Disable tag
Inside The inside key
Data The data
Warning Information key for icon
Check Check key
Selected The selected key
SelectableType The selectable type
Message The message
Filter The filter
FilterType The filter type
FilterGroup The filter group
DenyInUnit DenyInUnit key for icon
ExchangeID ExchangeID key for icon
Database.ID The identifier
Database.UID The identifier
Names.GemName The key of gem name
Names.CoinName The coin name key
Names.StaminaName The key of stamina name
Names.RatingName The rating name
Battle.Die The die
Battle.Alive The alive
Battle.Damage The damage
Battle.Critical The critical
Battle.DamageScreen The damage for screen
Battle.CriticalScreen The critical for screen
Battle.DamageTarget The damage for target
Battle.CriticalTarget The critical for target
Scene.Name Tag when dealing with scene name
Scene.ReferrerNow Tag when dealing with now scene name
Scene.SoundStop Tag when dealing with stopping sound
Scene.ReferrerPrev Tag when dealing with prev scene name
Scene.ReferrerNext Tag when dealing with next scene name
Scene.ReferrerFirst Tag when dealing with first scene name
Scene.ID Tag for dealing with scene id
Scene.Time Tag for keeping track of UTC time for scene
Scene.DisplayDialog Tag when dealing with prev scene name
Scene.CameraDepth Tag when dealing with camera depth
Scene.DisableControlOnInactive The disable control on inactive
RectTransform.DeltaSizeX Delta size X
RectTransform.DeltaSizeY Delta size Y
Location.Map Map type tag
Button.Disable Disable tag
Modal.Title Modal subject tag
Modal.Text Modal text tag
Modal.Content Modal content tag
Modal.ShowTitle Showing title text
Modal.Skin Modal skin tag
Modal.Image Modal image tag
Modal.Button.SubmitText Modal submit button text tag
Modal.Button.SubmitIcon Modal submit button icon tag
Modal.Button.SubmitSkin Modal submit button skin tag
Modal.Button.SubmitTarget Modal submit button target tag
Modal.Button.IsUseSubButton Modal using sub button tag
Modal.Button.CancelText Modal cancel button text tag
Modal.Button.CancelIcon Modal cacnel button icon tag
Modal.Button.CancelSkin Modal cancel button skin tag
Modal.Button.CancelTarget Modal submit button cancel tag