I am mathru of mUniSm.

mUniSm will notify you as we have updated the system of mUniSm.

Cloud build restart (beta version)

We apologize for the inconvenience.
The issue was that the cloud build was stopped, but it was provisional but could be restarted.

The usage is the same as before.
Click the Download button at the top right of the Editor screen to display the Cloud Build screen.

Click the Start Build button at the bottom of the screen to start the build.

Each project has a build point
A successful build consumes 1 point per platform.
If there are not enough build points, new builds can not be performed.
※ For non-free plans, build points will be added monthly.

Currently there are the following limitations / changes.
- Creation of iOS version is impossible
- Linux (Ubuntu / CentOS) stand-alone version is available.

As it is still in beta, there may be some problems.
In that case, it will be helpful if you can contact support.

Web Play Renewal

Web play screen in test play with " App"menu and " Editor"has been renewed.

When you click the "Play"menu of each application or the play button on the editor screen, the following screen will be displayed in a floating manner.

The following two modes can now be switched regardless of the platform.
Client mode
Cloud mode

Each has the following features.

Client mode
- Start on the browser side.
- Some browsers may not support it.
- Mobile does not correspond basically. (It may start with some high spec Android devices)

Cloud mode
Start on the game server on the cloud.
- It is possible to play basically even with low spec mobile devices.
- Resolution is lower than client play.
- If the communication status is bad, the screen may be cracked.
- Audio and video can not be played back. *We are considering correspondence now.

You can switch by clicking the icon at the top left of the play screen.
* Please note that the game will be restarted when switching.
* Save data can not be shared between the two modes at present. Please wait for a while until the "Remote Database" function, which will be released soon, is released.

In addition, the comment screen is displayed by clicking the icon next to the mode switching screen.

You can check and post comments while playing the game.
* mUniSm to mUniSm is required.

Other problems

The following bug has been fixed.
- You can not select a game module when creating a new project
- Permission setting is displayed in an inappropriate place
It is above.
If you have any questions or requests, it would be helpful if you could contact Support.