Billing items are predetermined in mUniSm.

If you will distribute the game created with mUniSm on GooglePlay or AppStore and activate the charge setting, please register / apply a charge item with the following product ID. It is calculated with about 1 Gem = $ 0.01. The price of each charged item should be decided by the distributor.

Product ID type Product name
gem001 Consumption 100 Gem (about $ 1)
gem003 Consumption 300 Gem (about $ 3)
gem005 Consumption 500 Gem (about $ 5)
gem010 Consumption 1000 Gem (about $ 10)
gem020 Consumption 2000 Gem (about $ 20)
gem030 Consumption 3000 Gem (about $ 30)
gem050 Consumption 5000 Gem (about $ 50)
gem100 Consumption 10000 Gem (about $ 100)

In addition, please refer to the commentary in the official site etc about the registration / application method of the charge item in each store.
Please note that we do not support mUniSm for store delivery including billing item registration.

GooglePlay - Android

AppStore - iOS