About game rights

The intellectual property (information such as images, videos, sentences, music, etc.) in this game "Yuusei's Game" belongs to "Yuusei" who is the game developer or a person licensed by mUniSm Co., Ltd. individually. Users may not copy, assign, lend, modify, send to the public, publish, or use the contents of this service without permission from the rights holder unless permitted by law.
If "Yuusei" use an intellectual property that infringes the rights of others in the game, you can use this link "Report on breach of rights" to report a violation of the rights to mUniSm Co., Ltd. mUniSm Co., Ltd. may stop the delivery and development of the game or change the information without notice depending on the content of the violation of rights.


mUniSm Co., Ltd. and "Yuusei" will not be liable for any damage arising with regard to users due to the services. The users may only claim compensation for damage from mUniSm Co., Ltd. and "Yuusei" in the case where there are reasons attributable to them. In the event that any third party incurs damage, or any dispute arises with a third party due to the use of the Services, the relevant user shall resolve the same at his/her own responsibility and expense, and mUniSm Co., Ltd. and "Yuusei" will not bear any liability whatsoever. In the event that any obligation to provide compensation for damage arises, or any fee arises, due to a dispute between the user and a third party, the user shall compensate or indemnify such third party for the same.