Monetized games with mUniSm + Unity !!

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Easily create monetizable mobile games

Do you think that mobile games production is difficult? With mUniSm you can easily create purchasing / advertising compatible mobile games!

Game production with unnecessary knowledge in browser

No programming knowledge or technology required! Various information such as character information, gacha / composition setting, dungeon composition etc can be easily set from the browser. Of course, it can be set freely not only from a personal computer but also from a smartphone or a tablet.

Easily monetize with purchasing / advertisement!

mUniSm support in-app purchasing and advertising functions essential for monetizing in mobile games. No troublesome setting at all! Everyone can easily monetize using games!

Corresponding to 12 languages!

mUniSm corresponds to English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic. You can automatically translate from your primary language to all other languages ​​with one touch!

Produced based on Unity

mUniSm is created by the game creation tool "Unity". You can freely create games by adding functions with Unity. You can make any game with programming knowledge. The possibilities are up to you!

Features of mUniSm

Gacha / Composite function

You can immediately use gacha and composition functions indispensable for social games. Free events and advertising gacha can be set freely.

Various platform compatible

Because it uses Unity system, it can correspond to many platforms such as not only for Android and iOS but also for PC and Web browser.

Visual Novel

It is possible to create a scenario for directing with sounds and illustrations. It is possible to use it as a tutorial or a battle director, or release it as it is as a visual novel game